Question: What Are The 14 Signs We Are Near The End

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1. The Jews Have Returned To Their Ancient Homeland (Israel Will Be The World’s Spotlight)

2. The Temple Mount Will Be In The Headlines (The Continual Preparations To Build A Third Temple)

3. The Nations Mentioned In Ezekiel 38,39 Will Start To Lineup

4. The Other Nations In Ezekiel 38,39 That Are Conspicuous By Their Absence

5. No Superpower In The World: The Continual Decline Of America

6. The Desperate Desire For A World Leader Which Will Be Fulfilled By The Coming Antichrist

7. The Exponential Increase Of Technology That Will Lead To The Eventual Fulfillment Of Revelation 13 (The Mark Of The Beast)

8. The World Economic Crisis Which Will Lead To A One-World Currency

9. The Continuing Problems Of Plagues And Pestilence

10. The Increase Of Lawlessness As It Was In The Days Of Noah

11. Violence Increases As It Was In The Days Of Noah

12. Apostasy In The Church: The Organized Church Rejects The Historic Christian Faith

13. The Move Toward A One World Religion

14. Israel Is Abandoned By The World (Anti-Semitism Increases)


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