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QUESTION: What Different Types Of  Prayers Can Believers Pray?

ANSWER: Those who have trusted Christ as Savior have the privilege and the right of approaching God through prayer. From Scripture, there are a number of types of prayers that can be prayed by believers in Jesus Christ. They include the following.

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Queston: Does The Bible Teach A Second Chance To Be Saved After Death?

Answer: Is there second chance for people who have died without believing in Christ to believe in Him in the afterlife? Will God give anyone an opportunity to believe in Christ once this life is over?

While many people teach this is what will happen, the Bible says otherwise. The following points need to be made.

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Question: In What Sense  Is God A Father?
Answer: The term “Father” is employed in both testaments in describing God. Why? Does it mean that we are all children of God and that God is the Father of all humankind? What does the Bible have to say about God being the “Father?”

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Question: Was The Virgin Conception Of Jesus Necessary?

Answer: The virgin birth is an important doctrine. This is because the Bible teaches that this is the way that Jesus became human. However, there is a related question, “Was the virgin birth necessary?” Some argue that is was absolutely necessary. Others point out that there are a number of ways that Jesus could have come into the world apart from the virgin birth. They include the following.

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Question: Don’t The Missing Autographs Disprove Inerrancy?

Answer: Since the original, or the autograph, of each biblical book has been lost, it is wrong to argue for an inerrant original that no longer exists. How can the Christian church assert the Bible is inerrant if it does not have the original writings? How can a person claim inerrancy for a book that no longer exists? Isn’t this an absurd and irrational position?

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