Breaking News November 27, 2015

Story 1: Putin: Turkish leadership's policy of encouraging 'Islamization' is a problem.

It is indeed. Turkey has been a secular state since the end of the first World War but the present leader Erdogan is attempting to bring them back to their glory days of the Ottoman Empire where Turkey ruled the Holy Land for some 400 years. Interestingly, Russia and Turkey will eventually unite in their last days attack against Israel (Ezekiel 38, Rosh and Beth-Togarmah).

Story 2: Erdogan: Putin is playing with fire

Erdogan is threatening Putin and Russia. The man is megalomaniac. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. This is especially true since Turkey is a member of NATO and by treaty the USA will be obligated to defend them in any war that may break out. Stay tuned . . .

Story 3: Russia: All military contacts with Turkey have been cut following the downing of Russia's Su-24 military jet, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

This further ramps up the tension. Erdogan should not challenge Putin. The Russian bear is awake!

Story 4: Russia rules out anti-ISIS coalition with the West

This came out after Putin met with Hollande of France. Russia and Iran will be leading the charge in Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIS. USA nowhere to be found.

Story 5: New “Study Quran” aims to convince you that the Muslim holy book doesn’t really mean what it says

This is from Jihad Watch. A must read. . . Let us remember that while most Muslims are decent, peaceful, people the religion is not.


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