BREAKING NEWS Syrian bomber in Istanbul attack registered as immigrant week before (Jerusalem Post)

A suicide bomber who killed himself and 10 German tourists in Istanbul's historic heart had registered with Turkish immigration authorities but was not on any list of known militant suspects, Turkey's interior minister said on Wednesday.

The bomber, who authorities say is an Islamic State member recently arrived from Syria, blew himself up on Tuesday in Sultanahmet square near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, major tourist sites in one of the world's most visited cities.

Hmmm. A new immigrant to Turkey, who was not on their radar, turns out to be a member of ISIS. I’ll let you connect the dots as far as the US is concerned.
Stories We Are Following: January 13, 2016

Story 1: After hours of interrogation, Iran says 10 captured U.S. sailors “released in international waters after they apologized” (Jihad Watch)

“There is clearly more to this story than is being told, but even what we know establishes it as a humiliating repudiation of Obama’s Iran policies. Those who said that his nuclear deal would only embolden the Iranians and make them more aggressive and hostile than ever are being proven correct.”

Indeed, and we will probably never know what the US offered Iran.

Story 2: Obama downplays ISIS threat, defends economic record in State of the Union (Fox News)

This headline is from Fox News summarizing the speech last night. Can anyone say “delusional!”

Story 3: One person detained in connection with Istanbul suicide attack (Reuters)
Turkish police have arrested one person in connection with the suicide bombing in Istanbul that killed 10 foreigners, the interior minister said.

Turkish media reports that police have raided a home in an affluent neighborhood of Istanbul detaining one woman who has links to the Islamic State group.

So much for ISIS not being a threat. Those who were murdered by the suicide bomber were mostly German tourists.

Story 4: Hezbollah commanders say Russia directly arming them with long-range missiles (Daily Beast)

"Lebanon's Hezbollah is surreptitiously being armed by Russia, the Daily Beast reported Sunday, with no conditions being placed on the acceptable use of the traded arms."

With the US abandoning the Middle East this is the result. Israel continues to be isolated from the rest of the world as the Bible predicts.


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