Question: How Do We Know That The God Of The Bible Is The God Who Exists?

AnswerThere are reasonable arguments that give testimony to the existence of God. It seems fair to conclude that perhaps God does exist. But which God is it who exists? Is there only one God or many gods? If there is only one God, is it the God of the Bible or some other God? How can a person be certain that the God of the Bible really exists?

The Claim Of Scripture: Only One God Exists

The claim of Scripture is clear with respect to the existence of God. First, it informs us that the God of the Bible exists. Second, we discover that He is the only God who exists.

The Bible assumes, but does not try to prove, that there is a God who exists. His name in Hebrew is “Yahweh” or “Jehovah” which is translated “LORD” in English Bibles. He is real. He does exist, has always existed and always will exist. This is the clear position of Scripture.

The Bible makes another point about the existence of God; He is the only one that exists. There are no other gods in the universe either lesser, or greater, than the God who is revealed in the Bible.  

These are the unambiguous claims of Scripture. But are these claims true? Why should anyone believe the claims found in the Bible?

The Bible Gives Substantial Evidence To Support The Claims

Scripture not only makes these claims, there is also compelling evidence that backs up the claims.

The evidence for the existence of the God of the Bible includes the following: the unique composition of the Bible, predictive prophecy, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and changed lives of believers. We develop these arguments in detail in a number of our other courses. In the following questions, we will merely summarize some of the evidence for each of these points.

When all is said and done, we will find that the evidence for the existence of the God of the Bible is overwhelming.

Summary To Question    
How Do We Know That It Is The God Of The Bible Who Exists?

There is sufficient evidence to believe in the existence of God. His fingerprints are everywhere. However, this does not mean that it is the God of the Bible which exists. Indeed, other religions claim it is their God or gods which actually exist, not the God of Scripture. How then does the Christian know that the God of Scripture is the God who truly exists?

Two points must be emphasized. First, Scripture itself makes the claim that the God it reveals is the only God which exists. Therefore, this is not some claim we are making independent of Scripture. We are merely citing what it says.

Second, Scripture does more than merely make these claims. It backs them up with convincing evidence. Indeed, there are a number of lines of evidence that demonstrate that the God of Scripture is the only God which does exist.

This includes the uniqueness and the reliability of the Bible, predictive prophecy, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the changed lives of the believers.

While these are not the only lines of evidence that can be brought forward to show that it is the God of Scripture which exists, we will discover that there is more than enough evidence from these sources to make the case for Christianity. The evidence is certainly there for all to behold. In other words, people can know the truth if they are truly interested in knowing. In point of fact, they have no excuse whatsoever.

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