QUESTION: Did God Create Other Inhabited Worlds Apart From Our Own?

ANSWER: What does the Bible say about intelligent life existing on other planets besides earth? Is there other life like ours somewhere else in the universe? Does the Bible answer this question? A number of observations should be made about this issue.

1. There Is No Specific Answer In Scripture To This Question

On the matter of life on other worlds, the Bible does not give a specific answer. We are not told one way or the other whether there are other civilizations living elsewhere in the universe. Since the Bible is silent on this issue, we must also remain silent. Speculation on our part cannot answer the question.

2. There Is Other Life That Does Exist In The Universe

The Bible does speak about the existence of other intelligent life apart from human life. However, this is in the spirit world. These spirit beings are known as “angels.” The word that translated angel in the Bible comes from Hebrew and Greek words that mean, “messenger.” The angels, who were created by God, serve as His messengers.

Long ago, one of the angels rebelled against God and took some of the other angels with him in his rebellion. This angel became Satan, or the devil, when he orchestrated his rebellion. He and the other angels who followed him have been banished from God’s immediate presence. They continue to remain separated from God because of their sin.

Yet these and the other angels do not constitute a civilization living elsewhere in the universe. So we do know that there are other life-forms, apart from us, that exist in the universe (for more information see our books on the “Unseen World:” Angels, Demons, And Satan).

3. The Same Moral Laws Would Apply For Other Civilizations

We do not know for certain whether similar civilizations like ours exist. If there are other civilizations in the universe apart from our own, then the same moral laws would apply to them. This is because God is unchanging in His moral character. If these beings sinned against God then they too would need a Savior. Again, we emphasize that we do not know whether any civilization such as this does exist.

Conclusion: If Other Civilizations Do Exist, It Would Not Contradict Scripture

Whether God created another race like ours, or a race totally different from our own we are not told. If we do discover another civilization, or are contacted by a different people, then it would not be contradictory with what the Bible says on the subject. This is because the Bible does not comment one way or another.

Summary To Question 7: Did God Create Other Inhabited World’s From Our Own?

One frequent question which arises with respect to God’s creation has to do with whether humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe. Is there other intelligent life which the Lord has created? Is so, what do we know about them?

The Bible says that there is intelligent life in the universe apart from those of us living on the earth. For one thing, there is an infinite personal God who exists.

Furthermore, Scripture speaks of an innumerable number of angelic beings, both good and evil that exist. There is no doubt whatsoever of their existence. Thus, we are not the only intelligent beings in the universe.

Yet, as far as other civilizations that may exist; the Bible is silent on this subject. It does not have anything to say one way or the other. Since the Bible is silent then we too must remain silent.

We do know this. If any other civilizations do exist, God’s law would apply to them as it does to the rest of the universe. Indeed, God’s moral law would apply everywhere.

However, since the Scripture does not specifically say anything about such civilizations we cannot be certain as to whether or not they exist. What we do know is that if any other life is found in our universe it would not contradict the teaching of Scripture.

This question is from my forthcoming book “The Biblical Doctrine Of Creation”


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