Question: What Are The Issues Where All Bible-believing Christians Agree With Respect To Scripture And Science?
Answer: When it comes to issues regarding the Bible and science, Christians find themselves in a great deal of agreement. Indeed, there are a number of things which all Bible-believing Christians can see eye- to-eye in the areas of science and Scripture. Therefore, we can list the following truths as being clearly taught in the Scripture.

1. The God Of The Bible Created All Things

Scripture is clear that the God of the Bible is the Creator of all things. There is no doubt about this. The very first verse of Scripture introduces us to God and His creative ability. The remainder of Scripture echoes this truth. The God of the Bible is the Creator of the universe. Of this, there is no doubt.

In the ancient world the question was not whether there was a Creator but rather the identity of this Creator. Which God, or gods, was responsible for creating our world? The Bible clearly answers this question; it is the God revealed in the Bible.

2. The God Of The Bible Is Only One God Exists?

Bible-believing Christians also agree that the God of Scripture is the only God who exists. Again we find that from the first page of Scripture until the last, the Bible makes it clear that the God which it reveals is the only One who exists. There are no other gods either stronger or weaker than Him. He alone is God; there is none like Him.

3. The Universe Exists Separately From God

We also find Scripture clearly teaching that God is not the same as the universe; He has separate existence from it. In the beginning there was God and Him alone. At a certain point in time, God created the universe. Before He created the universe God Himself existed. The universe, therefore, is not part of God and God does not need the universe to exist. Again, this is in contrast to other beliefs about the various gods which were held at that time. Pagan nations saw the universe as something which existed eternally alongside the gods. The Bible presents an entirely different picture.

4. God Created Everything By Himself: He Did Not Have Help

The Bible also makes it plain that everything in the universe was created by the God of Scripture and by Him alone. He did not have any help. Indeed, He did not need any help. God did not consult anyone for there was nobody to consult. He alone is responsible for the creation of the universe. This is not only one of the main points of the creation narrative in Genesis this same truth is emphasized throughout Scripture. God alone exists and God alone creates.

5. God Created Everything With No Human Observer Present

The biblical account of creation states that God created everything that there is. When He created the world there was no human being present. In fact, humans did not come about until the very end of the creative process. This means any information about what occurred during God’s creative work must come from Him and Him alone. There were no human observers. Thus, we have to rely upon His testimony to discover what happened.

6. God Created Human Beings As The Crown Of His Creation

Another point of emphasis in the Bible is that humans were the very last thing which God created. Everything else preceded the creation of the human race. After God created the first two humans, Adam and Eve, He ceased creating. Today, God is sustaining His marvelous creation.

These are some of the starting points about the Bible and science which all Bible-believing Christians can agree. God has told us these things in His Holy Word. Since He is a God of truth, One who does not lie, we can be assured that whatever He tells us on any subject is the truth. This includes what He has revealed about His creative works and how He presently runs the universe.

Summary To Question 4 What Are The Issues Where All Bible-believing Christians Agree With Respect To The Bible And Science?

With respect to the issue of Scripture and science there are a number of points in which all Bible-believers can agree with. It is necessary that we understand exactly what they are.

For one thing, all Christians can agree that the God of the Bible is the Creator of all things. This is the consistent testimony of the Bible.

Furthermore, He is the only God who exists. There are no other gods either greater or lesser than He. He alone is God; there is not one like Him anywhere in the universe. In other words, He has no competitors.

We also know that when the God of Scripture created everything there was nobody around to help Him. He did everything Himself. God spoke and the universe came into existence.

Furthermore, when God created the universe He brought something into being which did not previously exist. Therefore, God exists separately from the universe. He is not part of the universe neither was the universe created from part of His body. This is in contrast to the views of creation which were popular at the time the biblical account was written.

Since nobody was with God when He created, any testimony as to what occurred must come from Him and Him alone. Only God can give us the proper explanation as to what happened in the beginning.

Finally, Scripture says that humans were the last of God’s creation. We were the high point of His creative acts. After God created Adam and Eve, the first humans, He ceased creating. Today He is sustaining the universe which He has created.

These truths are clear taught in the Scripture. Since God does not lie, we can accept these facts as a framework concerning subjects pertaining to the Bible and science. This is our starting point.

This question is from my forthcoming book “The Bible and Science”


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