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Question: Is There Anything Which Must Take Place Before The Rapture Of The Church Occurs?
Answer: This is an often-asked question. Should we expect to see any visible sign before the rapture of the church takes place? Or can the rapture occur at any moment without a sign? What does the Bible say about this topic?

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Question: In What Sense Does Predictive Prophecy Show That The God Of The Bible Exists?

AnswerThe Bible itself is a starting point for us to believe in the existence of God. But there is much more. One of the strongest lines of evidence that can be marshaled for God’s existence is the subject of predictive prophecy. The Scripture records many events that were predicted in advance by God.

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QUESTION: How Does Islam View The Person Of Jesus Christ?

ANSWER: Islam accepts Jesus Christ as a prophet. Indeed, He is one of their prophets. We can summarize the Muslim view of Jesus Christ as follows.

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Question: Is God Good?

Answer: One of the characteristics of God is His goodness. The Bible makes it clear that the God of the Bible is a good God.
Jesus Himself taught the goodness of God. Mark wrote about a conversation Jesus had with a man who called Him “good.” We read the following.

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Questions: In What Sense Is God Jealous?

Answers: The Bible says that God is a jealous God. However, to many of us, jealously is usually an attribute that is not to be desired. Therefore, it is important to understand the sense in which the God of the Bible is a jealous God. From Scripture we learn the following.

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