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Question: What Is A Christian?

Answer: The primary question that needs to be addressed concerns the definition of a Christian. What is a Christian? Simply stated, a Christian is a person who has trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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Question: What Did Jesus Do Before He Came To Earth?

Answer:The Bible teaches that Jesus, God the Son, existed before He came to earth as a human being. Scripture also tells us some of the things that He did before He became human. We can list them as follows.

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Question: What Should Christians  Do At Halloween?

Answer: Every year Christians face the dilemma as to what to do for Halloween. What should be our response when this day rolls around? Since there are not any verses in Scripture which speak about observing or not observing this holiday, what does a Bible-believer do?

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Question: When Did The Angelic Rebellion Occur?
Answer: The fall of the evil angels occurred sometime in the distant past. Though the Bible does not specifically tell us when this happened, there are a couple of clues. We can list them as follow.

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Queston:Why Should We Pray?

Answer: Are there reasons as to why people should pray? The answer is, “Yes.” The Bible has the following things to say about why we should talk to the living God.

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