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Question: According To The New Testament, Who Is Jesus?
Answer: Whenever we read any book, our goal should always be to discover the intention, or purpose, of the author. As far as the New Testament is concerned, the main character is Jesus Christ and the New Testament was written to create belief in Him. This is the claim it makes for itself. John stated this clearly when he wrote.

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Stories We Are Following: January 20, 2016

Story 1: ISIS calls on Muslim couples in the West to imitate San Bernardino shooters (Jerusalem Post)

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Question: How Do We Know That The God Of The Bible Is The God Who Exists?

AnswerThere are reasonable arguments that give testimony to the existence of God. It seems fair to conclude that perhaps God does exist. But which God is it who exists? Is there only one God or many gods? If there is only one God, is it the God of the Bible or some other God? How can a person be certain that the God of the Bible really exists?

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QUESTION: What Are  The Three Heavens?

ANSWER: We have seen that the term heaven is used in a number of ways in Scripture. In addition, we have also noted that terms like “paradise” and “Abraham’s side” are also references to heaven or the presence of the Lord.

Furthermore, we encounter the term “the third heaven” in Scripture. What exactly is it referring to?

We will discover that when the term “heaven” is not used symbolically in Scripture, it usually refers to one of three realms. The idea of more than one ‘heaven” can be seen as follows.

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Question: What Is The New Jerusalem?

Answer: After God remakes the heaven and the earth, the Bible speaks of a city called the “New Jerusalem” coming down out of heaven.

In the Book of Revelation this city is described for us.

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