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Question: Who Or What Is Antichrist?

Answer: In the New Testament we find the term “Antichrist” used. What does it refer to? Is it a person or an impersonal force? If it is a person can we know his identity? What can we learn about Antichrist from the Bible?

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Question: Should The Holy Spirit Be Singled Out For Worship?

Answer: Since the Holy Spirit is God, should He be singled out for worship? What does the Bible have to say about this issue?

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Question: What Are Some “Do’s and Don’ts That We Should Keep In Mind When Studying The Subject Of The Rapture?

Answer:The “rapture” refers to the doctrine that the church, the true believers in Jesus Christ will be “caught up” from the earth to meet the Lord in the air. Again we emphasize that this refers to the genuine believers in Jesus; not merely people who attend church or have some family background in Christianity.

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Question: Why Is It Important To Study About The Church?

Answer: As we begin to look at the subject of the church we will first start by considering the importance of such a study. It is really necessary to do a detailed study of the church? Of what benefit is this endeavor?

A study of ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the church, is important for a number of reasons. They include the following.

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Question: Is The God Of The Bible A Real Living Being Or Merely A Concept Or Idea?
Answer: If the God of the Bible does exist, then it is important to know what type of God He is. Does the Bible teach that God is real living being who truly exists or does it indicate that God is a mere concept or idea that only exists in the minds of people? In other words, what type of God does the Bible portray?

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