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Question: How Can We Categorize Claims About Jesus’ Identity And Ministry That Do Not Fit The Historical Facts?
Answer: The New Testament makes it clear who Jesus Christ is as well as what He did while He was here upon the earth. For two thousand years, Christians have been in agreement over Jesus’ Person and work.

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Question: Why Is The Subject Of The Holy Spirit Neglected?
Answer: One of the unfortunate things that has happened in the history of the church is the neglect of the study of the Holy Spirit. Unhappily, this is still true today. There are a number of reasons for this. They include the following.

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Question: Should We Pray to Angels?
Answer: When we pray, should we ever address our prayers to angels? Can they answer our prayers? The Bible gives a clear, “No” to this question as to whom we shall pray. We can observe what the Scripture says about this idea.

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BREAKING NEWS Syrian bomber in Istanbul attack registered as immigrant week before (Jerusalem Post)

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Question: How Do We Know That A Person Named Jesus Of Nazareth Truly Existed? Could He Be A Myth?

AnswerDid a person named Jesus of Nazareth exist? Could Jesus actually have been a mythical person? Perhaps the stories about Him were all made-up. What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ truly existed?

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