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Question: What Are The Issues Where All Bible-believing Christians Agree With Respect To Scripture And Science?
Answer: When it comes to issues regarding the Bible and science, Christians find themselves in a great deal of agreement. Indeed, there are a number of things which all Bible-believing Christians can see eye- to-eye in the areas of science and Scripture. Therefore, we can list the following truths as being clearly taught in the Scripture.

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Question: Who Is Michael The Archangel?
Answer: One of the most prominent characters in the Bible is Michael the “archangel,” or “chief angel.” He is the only angel specifically designated as an “archangel.” His name means, “who is like God?” He is mentioned a number of times in Scripture. From the Bible we know the following things about him.

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Question: What Does The Bible Have To Say About Its Own Authority?
Answer: The main question with respect to the Bible, that has to be adequately answered, concerns its divine authority. What kind of book does it claim to be? Does it make any statements about its own authority? If so, then what does it say?

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Stories We Are Following: Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Story 1: Democrats invite Hamas-linked terror org CAIR to State of the Union BY ROBERT SPENCER (Jihad Watch)

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Question: What Do The Combined Ancient Sources, Jewish, Non-Jewish, And Christian, Say About Jesus? (Biblical And Extra-Biblical Evidence)

AnswerThere is ancient testimony about Jesus Christ from a number of sources. However, the only firsthand evidence which we have comes from the New Testament. Its portrayal of Jesus is clear.

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