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QUESTION: Does The New Testament Give  Examples Of “Faith Healers?”

ANSWER: There are those in the church today who claim to be a “faith healer.” They say that the Lord has given them the ability to supernaturally heal the sick, the infirmed and the dying. Those whom they touch and pray for become well from their sickness and infirmities.

Are there such people whom the Lord has given to His church? Should we believe the claims about their ability to heal the sick?

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Question: Why Did Jesus Heal The Sick?

Answer: As we examine the healing ministry of Jesus Christ we find an assorted list of sicknesses, ailments, and infirmities which He healed. There is no doubt about this. Nobody denied His ability to heal. This included His enemies.

We also discover that there are a number of reasons as to why Jesus healed the sick. They include the following.

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Question: If God Is Present Everywhere, Then How Can Unbelievers Be Separated From Him?
Answer: The Bible says that God is everywhere present in the universe. The psalmist testified that there is no place that a person can be aware from God’s presence. He wrote.

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? (Psalm 139:7) NIV).

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Question: Can God Forgive Anybody?

Answer: Many people assume that God could never forgive them because their lives have been too corrupt. They do not believe God would have anything to do with them. They see themselves as people who are beyond hope.

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Question: What Source Or Sources Should Be Used To Compile Christian Doctrine? (The Bible Or The Church?)

Answer: From where do Christians derive their beliefs? What is the infallible source, or sources, of authority in which doctrines, or teachings, are based?  How are these issues of what to believe finally settled?

This question is primary. Before any spiritual issue can be resolved, it is absolutely necessary that we know where we can go to find out the authoritative answers. Much misunderstanding will be cleared up if people can agree as to how these issues may be resolved.

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