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Question: What Is Involved In Confession Of Sin?

Answer: Once a believer receives Christ as Savior they have been forgiven from all of their sins. Indeed, the Bible says our sins are removed from us; as far as the east is from the west. This is indeed wonderful news!

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Question: Introduction From The Jews, Jerusalem, And The Coming Temple

Answer: Why are the Jewish people miraculously back in their own land after a two thousand year absence? Why does the city of Jerusalem remain the focus of international attention? Why are certain Jews now planning to build another Temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount? Will another Temple be built? Will this coming Temple bring peace on earth as the Jews hope?  Is it possible the lost Ark of the Covenant will be found and placed in this future Temple? Why is this one city, Jerusalem, and this one piece of real estate, the Temple Mount, so important to Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

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Question: What Do We Learn About Angels From The Everyday Speech Of People In Biblical Times?

AnswerWhile the Bible directly teaches us a number of things about angels, we can also learn much about them from the way people spoke of them in their ordinary speech.

Indeed, when people in biblical times spoke of angels they often referred to their supernatural qualities and abilities. We have a number of examples in Scripture where the everyday speech of the people gives us insight into how they viewed angels.

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QUESTION: Why Is There The Need For A System Of Christian Doctrine?

ANSWER: There is definitely a need for putting together a system of Christian beliefs, or a system of Christian doctrine. Placing Bible doctrines into various categories is known as “systematic theology.” There are a number of important points that need to be made about why we have the need for a system of doctrine. They include the following.

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Question: How Can We Control Our Sinful Desires?

Answer: Even after we have believed in Jesus Christ as Savior, Christians still have sinful desires. Each of us is painfully aware of this. The good news is that the Bible tells us that we must control our sinful desires. The following things can help us achieve this goal.

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