bible prophecy

Everyone is interested in what is going to take place in the future. The good news is that the God of the Bible has revealed to us “things to come.” This series will look at the fascinating topic of what the Bible has to say about the future.


Question 1: What Is Bible Prophecy? 

Question 2: Why Is It Important To Study Bible Prophecy? 

Question 3: What Are Some of the Extremes We Should Avoid In Prophetic Study?

Question 4: What Is The Proper Way Of Dealing With Those Who Have A Different View Of Bible Prophecy Than Ours?

Question 5: What Are The Essential Truths About The End Times That All Christians Believe?

Question 6: Who Were the Biblical Prophets?

Question 7: Were There Female Prophets?

Question 8: What Are the Biblical Tests For A Prophet?

Question 9: Who Were The New Testament Prophets?

Question 10: What Is The New Testament Gift Of Prophecy?

Question 11: Were The New Testament Prophetic Messages Given Without Error?

Question 12: What Rules Does The New Testament Give For Prophesying at A Worship Service?

Question 13: Is the Gift of Prophecy Still Available For The Church?

Question 14: If There Are Modern-Day Prophetic Utterances, How Can They Be Tested?
Question 15 If There Are Modern-Day Prophetic Utterances, Should They Be Given The Same Authority as Scripture?

Question 16 Who Are False Prophets?
Question 17 What Do We Learn About God And His Word Through A Study of Fulfilled Prophecy?
Question 18 Do Other Religions Have Predictive Prophecy?
Question 19 How Did Biblical Prophets Receive Their Messages?
Question 20 Should Bible Prophecy Always Be Interpreted Literally?
Question 21 Does The Bible Ever Use Cryptograms, Or Codes, In Prophetic Messages? (Atbash)
Question 22 Are Any Of The Biblical Prophecies Conditional?
Question 23 Are There Time Gaps In Prophetic Passages? (Prophetic Perspective)
Question 24 What Is Double Fulfillment in Prophecy?
Question 25 What Objections Have Unbelievers Made To Biblical Prophecy?
Question 26 What Are Some Of The Dangers Involved In Studying Bible Prophecy As It Relates To The future?
Question 27 Why Do People Avoid Prophetic Study?
Question 28 Should We Look For Astronomical Signs In The Heavens That Fulfill Bible Prophecy?

Question 29 Is It Biblically Possible To Set Dates For The Return of Christ?
Question 30 What Confidence Can We Have That The Remaining Unfulfilled Biblical Predictions Will Be Fulfilled?
Question 31 Living In Light Of The Last Days: Lessons We Should Learn
Appendix 1 Daniel 9: Unlocking the Prophetic Key... A Lesson From Daniel God’s Way Of Interpreting Bible Prophecy


The Predictions and Fulfillments

The Old Testament

Prediction 1: The Warning Given To Adam And Eve

Prediction 2: The First Promise Of The Messiah (Genesis 3:15)

Prediction 3: The Flood of Noah

Prediction 4: The Promises to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3)

Prediction 5: God Will Provide a Lamb (Genesis 22)

Prediction 6: The Destruction of Sodom And Gomorrah (Genesis 18)

Prediction 7: Jacob and Esau: The Older Shall Serve the Younger

Prediction 8: The Egyptian Bondage

Prediction 9: The Departure from Egypt (Exodus 12)

Prediction 10: The Parting of the Red Sea

Prediction 11: The Fall of Jericho

Prediction 12: The Curse of Jericho

Prediction 13: The Death of Saul

Prediction 14: The Promises Made to David and Solomon

Prediction 15: The Birth and the deeds of King Josiah

Prediction 16: The Captivity of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

Prediction 17: The Fall of Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire

Prediction 18: The Death of the False Prophet Hananiah

Prediction 19: The Beginning of the Babylonian Captivity and The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple

Prediction 20: The Fall of Babylon and The Rise Of Media/Persia

Prediction 21: The End of the Seventy-year Babylonian Captivity

Prediction 22: The Third Kingdom: Greece and The Rise and Fall of Alexander the Great

Prediction 23: The History Of Greece After The Death of Alexander

Prediction 24: The Rise of Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Prediction 25: The Rise of the Fourth Beast: Rome

Prediction 26: The Destruction of Tyre

Prediction 27: The Amazing Decree of Cyrus

Prediction 28: The Coming of Elijah


Observations on the Old Testament History and the Predictions within it

The New Testament

Prediction 29: The Birth of John the Baptist

Prediction 30: The Messiah Will Be Born in Bethlehem

Prediction 31: The Messiah Will Be a Descendant of King David

Prediction 32: The Messiah Will Arrive Before Jerusalem and the Temple are Destroyed Again

Prediction 33: The Messiah Would Be a Miracle Worker

Prediction 34: The Christian Church would Survive

Prediction 35: Jesus’ Words Would Be Everlasting

Prediction 36: Mary of Bethany Would Be Remembered For what she did

Prediction 37: The Fate of the Unbelieving Cities of Capernaum, Bethsaida, and Chorazin

Prediction 38: The Rejection of the Messiah

Prediction 39: The Betrayal of Judas Iscariot

Prediction 40: All of Jesus’ Disciples Would Abandon Him

Prediction 41: Peter Would Deny knowing Jesus on a Number of Occasions

Prediction 42: Christ Would be Turned over to the Gentiles To Be Put To Death

Prediction 43: Jesus Would Die in Jerusalem

Prediction 44: Jesus Would Die by Crucifixion

Prediction 45: Christ Would die During the Passover

Prediction 46: Jesus’ Resurrection from the Dead on the Third Day

Prediction 47: The Destruction of Jerusalem and The Temple

Prediction 48: The Scattering of the People (The Second Exile) And The Predicted Return

Prediction 49: The Ministry of the Apostle Paul

Prediction 50: The Good News Would be Preached to the Entire World

25 signs we are near the end


Sign 1 The Miracle of Israel’s Survival

Sign 2 As Their Enemies Have Done to Israel, So God Will Do to Them

Sign 3 Israel Will Miraculously Return to its Ancient Homeland in the “Last Days.”

Sign 4 The Nation Will Return In Two Stages

Sign 5 Jerusalem Will be United under Israeli Rule

Sign 6 Israel Will be in the World’s Spotlight

Sign 7 There Will be a Continual Search for Peace in Israel

Sign 8 Preparations Will Be Made to Build the Third Temple

Sign 9 In the Last Days, Certain Specified Nations Will Invade Israel (Ezekiel 38,39)

Sign 10 The Nations Missing from the Ezekiel 38,39 Invasion

Sign 11 No Superpower Will Intervene on Israel’s Behalf When They are Invaded (Ezekiel 38,39): Something Will Happen to the United States

Sign 12 There Will Be a Ten Nation Confederation in Western Europe (The Revival of the Ancient Roman Empire)

Sign 13 There Will Be a One-World Political and Economic System (Globalism)

Sign 14 The World Will Desperately Look for a Leader

Sign 15 There Will Be an Exponential Increase in Technology

Sign 16 Plagues and Pestilence Will Trouble the World

Sign 17 The World Will Be Characterized by Lawlessness

Sign 18 The World Will Be Characterized by Violence

Sign 19 The Organized Church Will Turn Away from the Faith (Apostasy)

Sign 20 There Will Be a Rise in False Prophets, False Teachers, and False Christs

Sign 21 There Will Be a Rise in Anti-Semitism

Sign 22 Christians Will Continue to Be Persecuted

Sign 23 Unbelievers Will Scoff at the Idea of Christ’s Return

Sign 24 The Wicked Will Not Understand the Signs of the Times

Sign 25 Bible-Believers Will Understand What Is Taking Place


Summing Up The 25 Signs Of The End


Appendix 1: Answering Some Objections

--Is Bible Prophecy Really That Important to Study? Isn’t the Subject Too Difficult to Understand?

--What About All the False Predictions That Have Been Made by Bible Interpreters? How Then, Can Anyone Know What is True?

--Should These Biblical Predictions Regarding Israel and the “Last Days” Be Understood Literally? Haven’t They Already Been Fulfilled Symbolically by the Church?

--Weren’t These Prophecies Fulfilled at the Return from Babylon?

--Has the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” Already Occurred at the Destruction of Jerusalem?

Appendix 2: Some Predictions by Past Bible Commentators That Have Now Been Literally Fulfilled

Appendix 3: The Consistent Argument Used by Past Commentators: The Miracle of the Jews!

look up: a timeline of 50 last days events


Some Preliminary Matters

Event 1: The Resurrection of the Dead “in Christ”

Event 2: The Rapture of the Church

Event 3: The Judgment Seat of Christ

Event 4: The Day of the Lord

Event 5: The Day of Christ

Event 6: The Ezekiel 38,39 Invasion

Event 7: The Amazing Scene in Heaven (Revelation 4,5)

Event 8: The Seal Judgments: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6)

Event 9: The Rise of the Final Antichrist (The First Beast)

Event 10: The Covenant Between the Final Antichrist and the Jews (The Seventieth Week of Daniel Begins)

Event 11: The Abomination of Desolation (The Great Tribulation Begins: The Time of Jacob’s Trouble)

Event 12: The Sealing of the 144,000 (Revelation 7,14)

Event 13: The Trumpet Judgments (Revelation 8, 9)

Event 14: The Two Hundred Million Man Army (Revelation 9:13-21)

Event 15: The Seven Thunders, the Scroll, and the Ministry of the Two Witnesses (Revelation 10:1-11:15)

Event 16: The Seventh Trumpet Sounds (Revelation 11)

Event 17: A Great Sign in Heaven: Satan is Cast Down to the Earth (Revelation 12)

Event 18: The Arrival of the Second Beast: The False Prophet (Revelation 13)

Event 19: The Mark of the Beast (666)

Event 20: The Persecution and Murder of the Tribulation Saints (Revelation 14)

Event 21: The Fall of Babylon (Revelation 14,17, 20)

Event 22: The Pronouncement of Judgment Against Those Who Have

Taken the Mark of the Beast: Eternal Punishment (Revelation 14:9-11)

Event 23: The Final Plagues, the Bowls of Wrath (Revelation 15)

Event 24: The First Five Bowl Judgments (Revelation 16:1-11)

Event 25: The Sixth Bowl Judgment: The Arrival of the Kings of the East, Armageddon (Revelation 16:12-16)

Event 26: The King of the North and the King of the South (Daniel 11:40-45)

Event 27: The Seventh Bowl Judgment: Worldwide Devastation (Revelation 16:17-21)

Event 28: The Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1, Jeremiah 49:23-27)

Event 29: The Conversion of Egypt (Isaiah 19)

Event 30: The Final Siege and Deliverance of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12-14)

Event 31: The National Conversion of Israel and Great Promises for Their Future (Zechariah 14)

Event 32: The Banquet at the Wedding Celebration of the Lamb (Revelation 19:6-9)

Event 33: The Sign of The Son of Man (Matthew 24:29)

Event 34: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Revelation 19)

Event 35: Satan is Bound for a Thousand Years (Revelation 20)

Event 36: The Judgment Upon the Beast and the False Prophet (Revelation 20)

Event 37: The Judgment of the Nations (Matthew 25:31-46)

Event 38: The Restoration of Israel (Isaiah 11:11,12, Matthew 24:30,31)

Event 39: The Restitution of All Things (Matthew 19:28, Acts 3:19-21)

Event 40: The Beginning of the Millennium (Revelation 20:4-6)

Event 41: The Resurrection of the Rest of the Believing Dead: The First Resurrection (Revelation 20:5,6)

Event 42: The Enthronement of the King (Luke 1:30-33)

Event 43: The Millennial Temple (Isaiah 2:2-4, Ezekiel 40-48)

Event 44: The “Loosing” of Satan: The Deception of the Nations: (Revelation 20:7-8)

Event 45: The Last Revolt Against the Lord Thwarted: Gog and Magog (Revelation 20:7-9)

Event 46: Satan is Cast into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:10)

Event 47: The Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20:11-15)

Event 48: The New Heavens and New Earth Created (Revelation 21:1)

Event 49: The Holy City: The Arrival of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21,22)

Event 50: Eternity

the rapture


Question 1 What Is The Rapture Of The Church?

Question 2 Why Should The Subject Of The Rapture Be Studied?

Question 3 What Specific Truths Do We Learn About The Rapture From Scripture?

Question 4 What Are Some “Do’s and Don’ts That We Should Keep In Mind When Studying The Subject Of The Rapture?

Question 5 What Is The Relationship Of The Rapture To The 70th Week Of Daniel?

Question 6 What Are The Various Views That Bible-Believers Hold Regarding The Timing Of The Rapture?

Question 7 Should We Attempt To Attribute Motives As To Why Certain Positions On The Rapture Are Held?

Question 8 Why Do Some Bible Believers Contend That There Is No Such Thing As A “Rapture?”

Question 9 What Are The Biblical Problems With The “No Rapture Theory?”

Question 10 Why Do Some People Believe That Not All Christians Will Be Raptured? (The Partial Rapture Theory)

Question 11 What Are The Biblical Problems With The Partial Rapture Theory?

Question 12 Why Is The Mid-Tribulation Rapture View?

Question 13 What Are Some Of Biblical Problems With The Mid-Tribulation Rapture Position?

Question 14 What Is The Pre-Wrath Rapture View?

Question 15 What Are Some Of The Biblical Problems To The Pre-Wrath Rapture View?

Question 16 What Is The Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory?

Question 17 What Are Some Of The Major Objections And Biblical Problems With The Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory?

Question 18 What Is The Pre-Tribulation Rapture View?

Question 19 What Are Some Of Major Objections To The Pre-

Tribulation Rapture Position? How Are They To Be Answered?

Question 20 Is There Anything That Must Take Place Before The Rapture Of The Church Occurs?

Question 21 Can Anyone Know The Exact Date When The Rapture Will Take Place? (Date-Setting)

Question 22 What Will Happen To Babies, Young Children, And The Mentally Challenged When The Rapture Occurs?

Question 23 How Should Believers Conduct Their Lives In View Of A Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

Question 24 What Final Observations And Conclusions Should We Make About The Subject Of The Rapture?

the pre-trib raptured defended


Question 1 For The Pre-Trib Position To Be True, What Does It Need To Demonstrate From Passages That Clearly Speak Of The Rapture And Passages That Clearly Speak Of The Second Coming?

Question 2 Do The Parallel Statements Between Jesus And Paul Rule Out A Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

Question 3 Does Second Thessalonians Chapter One Provide Clear Evidence For A Post-tribulation Rapture?

Question 4 If The Church Participates In The First Resurrection, Does This Mean The Rapture Is Post-Tribulational? (Revelation 20:4-6)

Question 5 Since the Church is Raptured at the Last Trumpet Does This Mean a Post-Tribulational Rapture?

Question 6 Does The Gathering of the Elect at the Second Coming Indicate A Post Tribulation Rapture? (Matthew 24:29)

Question 7 Does Paul Use A Technical Greek Term In Describing The Rapture Which Makes Clear It Is Post-Tribulational? (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

Question 8 When Does The Wrath Of God Begin? Does God Protect Christians From His Divine Wrath?

Question 9 Does The Bible Teach That Christ Could Come At Any Moment? (The Imminent Coming Of Christ)

Question 10 Do The Various Greek Terms Used To Describe The Rapture Settle The Question as to its Timing?

Question 11 Who or What Is Restraining the Final Antichrist?

Question 12 Who Are The Twenty-Four Elders? Does Their Identity Help Solve The Rapture Question?
Question 13 Does Paul Statement About Wishing To Attain The Resurrection Of The Dead Give Evidence Of A Pre-Tribulation Rapture? (Philippians 3:11)
Question 14 Does The Greek Text Of Revelation 5:8-10, As Found In The King James Version, Teach A Pre-Tribulation Rapture??
Question 15 When Jesus Spoke Of One Person Being Taken And Another Left Behind Was He Speaking Of The Rapture? (Matthew 24:40-42, Luke 17:34-36)
Question 16 Will Old Testament Believers Be Raised At The Rapture Of The Church?
Question 17 Will The People Who Have Rejected The Gospel Before The Rapture Takes Place Have Another Chance To Believe After It Has Occurred?
Question 18 How Will The Rapture Be Explained By Those Who Are Left Behind?
Appendix 1 If There Is A Literal Millennium On The Earth Who Will Populate It?

the jews, jerusalem and the coming temple


Chapter 1 The Coming Temple: Long-Awaited Prophecies Are Beginning To Be Fulfilled! Part One: The Past History Of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Chapter 2 The Legacy Of Abraham: The Jews, Jerusalem And Mount Moriah

Chapter 3 The Ark Of The Covenant: God’s Symbolic Presence Among His People

Chapter 4 Solomon’s Magnificent Temple: A Permanent Home Is Built For The Ark

Chapter 5 The First Temple Is Destroyed As Predicted: The People Are Exiled

Chapter 6 God’s Promises Come True! The Jews Return From Exile And A Second Temple Is Built

Chapter 7 The Second Temple Is Defiled By Invaders: The Temple Is Enlarged By Herod

Chapter 8 The Messiah Comes And Is Rejected: Judgment Predicted Upon The Temple And The People

Chapter 9 The Second Temple Is Destroyed: Another Jewish Exile Begins

Chapter 10 The Temple Mount In Ruin: Futile Attempts Are Made To Rebuild

Chapter 11 The Temple Mount Becomes Important To A New Religion: Islam

Chapter 12 The Temple Mount Continues To Be Defiled: The Jews Remain In Forced Exile


Part Two: The Current State Of Jerusalem And The Temple Mount

Chapter 13 The Predicted Restoration Of The Jews: The Testimony Of Scripture And History

Chapter 14 1948: God’s Word Is Again Fulfilled: The Modern State Of Israel Is Reborn!

Chapter 15 1967: Setting The Stage Further: Jerusalem Reunited Under Israeli Rule

Chapter 16 Modern Preparations To Build The Third Temple

Chapter 17 A Missing Piece Of The Temple Puzzle: The Lost Ark Of The Covenant

Chapter 18 Two Major Obstacles: Where And How To Build The Next Temple


Part Three: The Coming Temple

Chapter 19 The Third Temple: The Anticipation Of Scripture And Ancient Bible Commentators

Chapter 20 The False Messiah And The Temple Of Doom

Chapter 21 Jesus Christ Returns: The End Of The Third Temple And The Beginning Of Peace On Earth

Chapter 22 Summing It All Up

Appendix 1: A Scientific Search For The Temple (1983)

in search of the lost ark


Section 1 The Most Sacred Object Ever Constructed: The

Ark Of The Covenant

Chapter 1 Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Chapter 2 Mt. Sinai: God’s Covenant And The Ten Commandments

Chapter 3 Build Me An Ark

Chapter 4 A Temporary Home For The Ark: The Tabernacle

Chapter 5 What Was The Purpose Of The Ark?


Section 2 The History Of The Ark Of The Covenant

Chapter 6 Leading The Way To The Promised Land

Chapter 7 The Waters Of Jordan Miraculously Part

Chapter 8 Conquering A City God’s Way: Jericho

Chapter 9 Battling For The Promised Land

Chapter 10 The Ark Is Lost To The Philistines

Chapter 11 The Ark Becomes A Problem For The Philistines

Chapter 12 Back Comes The Ark To Israel

Chapter 13 The Ultimate Destination: Jerusalem

Chapter 14 Solomon’s Temple: A Permanent Home For The Ark

Chapter 15 The Ark Is Mysteriously Returned To The Temple

Chapter 16 The First Temple Is Destroyed: The Ark Is Gone

Chapter 17 The Second Temple Period: No Ark

Chapter 18 From The Second Temple Until The Present: The Ark Remains Lost


Section 2 “Arkeology:” In Search Of The Lost Ark

Was The Ark Taken By Foreign Invaders?

Chapter 19 Did The Egyptians Steal the Ark?

Chapter 20 Did Jehoash Take The Ark To Israel?

Chapter 21 Was The Ark Taken To Babylon?

Chapter 22 Did The Romans Take The Ark?


Has The Ark Been Found?

Chapter 23 Was The Ark Found On Mt. Nebo?

Chapter 24 Has The Ark Been Taken To Ethiopia?

Chapter 25 Has The Ark Been Discovered Underneath The Temple Mount?


Section 4 Does The Ark Have A Role In The Future?

Chapter 26 Has The Ark Been Forever Lost?

Chapter 27 The Ark And The Third Temple

Chapter 28 What Does The Bible Say About The Future Of The Ark?

Chapter 29 Why The Ark Is No Longer Necessary

Appendix 1 Biblical References To The Ark

the final antichrist

Question 1 Who Or What Is Antichrist?

Question 2 Why Is It Important To Study About Antichrist?

Question 3 What Can We Learn From The Way The Subject Of The Antichrist Been Viewed During The History Of The Church?

Question 4 What Are The Various Views Of The Book Of Revelation With Respect To The Coming Antichrist?

Question 5 Have The Events In The Book Of Revelation, Including Those Dealing With Antichrist, Been Fulfilled In History? (Preterist View)

Question 6 Should We Actually Be Looking For A Personal Antichrist? (The Idealist View, The Timeless View)

Question 7 What Are The Arguments That The Predictions About Antichrist Are Being Fulfilled In History? (Historicist View)

Question 8 Are The Predictions About The Antichrist Fulfilled In Roman Catholic Church And The Papacy?

Question 9 What Are The Arguments For The Final Antichrist Being A Literal Human Being Who Is Still To Come? (Futurist View)

Question 10 What Is The Case For The Final Antichrist Being A Literal Offspring Of The Devil?

Question 11 Should We Assume The Coming Antichrist Will Be The Literal Child Of The Devil?

Question 12 Was Caesar Nero The Predicted Antichrist?

Question 13 Does The Bible Depict Many Different Types Or Illustrations Of The Coming Antichrist?

Question 14 What Was Nimrod? Why Is He Considered To Be A Type Of Antichrist?

Question 15 In What Sense Is King Nebuchadnezzar Of Babylon Like The Future Antichrist?

Question 16 Who Was Antiochus IV? (Epiphanes) Why Is He Considered To Be The Clearest Example Of A Person Who Foreshadows The Coming Antichrist?

Question 17 Why Do Most Bible Commentators Believe The Final Antichrist Will Come From Western Europe? Could He Come From The USA?

Question 18 How Does The Bible Describe The Final Antichrist?

Question 19 Is It Possible That The Final Antichrist Will Be A Homosexual In That He Has No Desire For Women? (Daniel 11:37)

Question 20 Will A Personal Antichrist Be Jewish?

Question 21 Will A Personal Antichrist Be A Gentile?

Question 22 Will The Coming Antichrist Claim To Be The Long- Awaited Messiah?

Question 23 Is It Possible The Antichrist Is Caesar Nero Resurrected? (Nero Redivivus)

Question 24 What Is The Theory That Antichrist Will Be Judas Iscariot Reincarnated?

Question 25 How Does The Final Antichrist Fit With The Period Known As, “The Times Of The Gentiles?

Question 26 What Qualities Will A Final Antichrist Possess?

Question 27 What Will Be The Career Of Antichrist?

Question 28 How Long Will The Antichrist Rule?

Question 29 Is There An Exact Time When Antichrist Is Coming?

Question 30 Will The Antichrist Actually Be Raised From The Dead?

Question 31 What Is The Identity Of The Two Witnesses Which The Beast, Or Antichrist, Kills?

Question 32 What Will Be The Doom Of Antichrist?

Question 33 Who Is The Second Beast, The False Prophet?

Question 34 Is The Second Beast, The False Prophet, An Actual Person?

Question 35 Who Are The Two Beasts In The Book Of Revelation?

Question 36 Is The False Prophet, Rather Than The Beast, The Predicted Antichrist?

Question 37 Will The False Prophet Actually Make People Worship The Antichrist And The Devil?

Question 38 What Is The Mark Of The Beast?

Question 39 Can Anyone Be Saved If They Receive The Mark Of The Beast?

Question 40 Is The Number Of The Beast 666 Or 616?

Question 41 How Will The Antichrist Imitate Jesus?

Question 42 Should We Try To Determine The Identity Of The Final Antichrist?

Question 43 How Has Antichrist Been Misidentified In The Past?

Question 44 Should We Be Looking For The Antichrist?

Question 45 What Are Some Of The Differences Between Jesus Christ And Antichrist?

Question 46 Is It Possible The Antichrist Is Alive Today?

Question 47 What Are Some Of The Unresolved Issues About The Antichrist?

Question 48 What Should We Conclude About The Idea Of A Coming Antichrist?

Appendix 1 Is The Final Antichrist The Same Character As Gog In Ezekiel 38,39?

Appendix 2 What Is The Theory Of The Assyrian Antichrist? Could He Be A Muslim?

The Ezekiel 38,39 Invasion