christian living

This series looks at how we put what we know about God into practice. In other words, how can Christians live a life that is pleasing to the Lord? In doing so, we will examine such subjects as prayer, finding the will of God, dealing with sin in our lives, as well as examining the difficult subject of forgiveness. The goal is to live a life that honors Him.


Part 1: Introduction To Christian Living

In this first section, we will look at a number of basic questions about Christian living. We will find out what it means to be a Christian, as well as how a person becomes a Christian. There will also be a discussion of what Christians are, and what they are not. 

Part 2: God’s Plan For Our Lives

In this second part of the book we will examine the topic of the plan of God for the lives of believers. Does God actually lead His people? If so, then in what ways does He lead us? Does He have a specific plan for each of our lives? How can we find this plan? These are some of the issues that we will cover.

What It Means To Be A Christian

Question 1: What Is A Christian?

Question 2: How Does A Person Become A Christian? (Born Again)

Question 3: Why Is It Necessary To Become A Christian? What Is Our Spiritual State Before Conversion?

Question 4: What Happens When A Person Is “Born Again?”

Question 5: What Are The Outward Signs Of Being “Born Again?”

Question 6: What Are Some Misconceptions About The New Birth?

Question 7: What Should Be The Proper Response Of The Believer For What God Has Done For Them?

Question 8: What Difference Does It Make Being A Christian?

Question 9: What Responsibilities Does A Christian Have?

Question 10: Does A Person Have To Be Religious To Be A Christian?

Question 11: Does Christianity Consist Of A List Of Negative Commandments?

Question 12: Why Do We Have To Play By Gods’ Rules?

Question 13: Why Do So Many People Have An Unattractive Picture Of Christianity?

Question 14: Are Christians Better Than Non-Christians?

Question 15: What Is A Saint?

Question 16: What Is A Hypocrite?

Question 17: What Are The Various Relationships Of The Believer To Jesus Christ? (Our Position In Christ)

Question 18: What Is Spiritual Growth?

Question 19: How Can Someone Be Certain They Are A True Believer?

Question 20: What Are The Various Ways In Which Believers Are Together With Christ?

Part 2: : God’s Plan For Our Lives: How God Guides Our Steps

Question 21: Has God Predetermined Every Event In Our Life?

Question 22: Does God Have A Plan For Our Lives?

Question 23: What Are The Various Responses Of Christians To Knowing God’s Plan?

Question 24: Are There Any Universal Principles For Believers Who Want To Know God’s Will?

Question 25: What Are The Biblical Guidelines For Knowing The Will Of God?

Question 26: What Practical Things Can We Do In Making Major Decisions For Our Life?

Question 27: Should Believers Put Out A Fleece To Know God’s Will?

Question 28: What Should Believers Not Do When Attempting To Discover The Will Of God?

Question 29: How Can A Person Be Certain They Are Hearing God’s Voice?

Question 30: How Does God Accomplish His Purposes In Our Lives? 

Part 3: 10 Principles For Successful Christian Living - Some Practical Suggestions

Question 31: What Are The Ten Principles For Successful Christian Living?

Question 32: Why Do We Need A Biblical View Of God? (Principle 1)

Question 33: Why Is It Necessary To Learn To Accept Ourselves For Whom God Made Us? (Principle 2)

Question 34: Why Is It Important That We Know What And Why We Believe? (Principle 3)

Question 35: Why Is It Absolutely Necessary That We Do Not Compromise Our Beliefs? (Principle 4)

Question 36: Why Is It Important That We Do Not Major On The Minors? (Principle 5)

Question 37: Why Should We Remember To Forget The Past? (Principle 6)

Question 38: Why Is It Necessary That We Reach Out To Others? (Principle 7)

Question 39: Why Is It Important That We Not Be Disillusioned? (Principle 8)

Question 40: Why Is It Important That We Remain Flexible To God’s Leading? (Principle 9)

Question 41: Why Should We Expect The Unexpected? (Principle 10)


Part 1: Having Victory Over Our Enemies

The Bible says that each believer inherits three enemies – the world, the flesh, and the Devil. In this first part of the book we will concentrate on two of them: the world and the flesh. We will see what they represent and how believers can have victory over them.

Part 2 Evangelism: Telling Others About Jesus

Our subject is now evangelism – telling other people the good news about Jesus Christ. In one sense, this is the most important part of the course. The final command that Jesus gave His disciples was to go into all of the world and make disciples. This command is still in force today. It is the job of every believer to tell the world the good news about Jesus. The part of our course looks at that command.

How Have Victory Over The World, The Flesh, And The Devil

Question 1: Who Are The Believer’s Enemies? (The World, The Flesh, The Devil)

Question 2: What Is The Present World System? How Can The Believer Defend Against Worldliness?

Question 3: How Does God Feel About Earthly Success?

Question 4: How Is A Christian Supposed To Participate In The World?

Question 5: Why Do Christians Still Like To Sin? (The Old Nature, The Flesh, The Old Man)

Question 6: What Is The New Nature?

Question 7: How Can We Defeat The Old Nature? (The Flesh)

Question 8: Who Is The Natural Man? 

Question 9: Who Is The Spiritual Man?

Question 10: What Is The Carnal Believer?

Question 11: How Can We Control Our Sinful Desires?

Question 12: How Can We Decide Right From Wrong?

Question 13: What About Questionable Matters That The Bible Does Not Specifically Cover?

Question 14: Whom Are Believers Supposed To Love?

Question 15: How Are Believers Supposed To Show Their Love To Others?

Question 16: What Happens When Believers Love Others?

Question 17: Should We Love Ourselves?

Question 18: Should The Believer Give Up Their Non-Christian Friends?

Question 19: Should The Christian Expect To Be Persecuted?

Question 20: How Are Believers To Be Judged?

Question 21: What Will Determine The Reward Of Believers?

Question 22: What Practical Steps Can We Take Toward Christian Maturity?

Question 23: How Can The Lifestyle Of The Christian Be Different From That Of The Non-Christian?

Part 2: Evangelism; Telling Others About Jesus - What Do We Say And How Do We Say It?

Question 24: What Is The Great Commission? 

Question 25: How Can The Believer Help Fulfill The Great Commission?

Question 26: What Does It Mean To Witness?

Question 27: What Should Be The Christian’s Attitude Toward The Unsaved?

Question 28: What Is The Message That Believers Are To Proclaim?


The subject of this book is prayer. What do we mean by prayer? Who can pray? Does God hear the prayers of everyone? Why are certain prayers not answered? We will cover these, as well as other important issues, as we look at this most-important of subjects.

How To Talk To God

Question 1: What Is Prayer?

Question 2: What Types Of Prayers Should Believers Pray?

Question 3: What Is The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4)

Question 4: Why Should We Pray?

Question 5: Where Can A Person Pray?

Question 6: How Often Should We Pray?

Question 7: How Many Times Should We Ask God About A Particular Matter?

Question 8: Does God Answer Prayer?

Question 9: To Whom Do We Pray: The Father, The Son, Or The Holy Spirit?

Question 10: What Does It Mean To Pray In Jesus’ Name?

Question 11: How Does The Holy Spirit Help Us Pray?

Question 12: How Did People Get Their Prayers Answered Before Jesus Came To Earth?

Question 13: What Does It Mean To Pray With Faith?

Question 14: Is There A Proper Prayer Position?

Question 15: Do We Always Have To Pray Out Loud?

Question 16: Does God Answer All Of Our Prayers?

Question 17: Why Do So Many Prayers Seem To Go Unanswered?

Question 18: Can Some Of Our Prayer Requests Bring About Bad Results?

Question 19: What Are The Conditions For Answered Prayer?

Question 20: What Should A Person Pray For?

Question 21: Whose Prayers Does God Hear?

Question 22: What Are Some Of The Things We Should Not Do In Prayer?

Question 23: Should The Believer Fast As Well As Pray?