Jesus Christ is the hinge of history. Our calendars are reckoned from the time before He was born, and then the time after His birth. In this series we look at the existence, the life, the ministry, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We also present a case for truthfulness of the Christian faith. There is no subject more important to consider.

The Case For Christianity - A Cross Examination

Is the Christian faith true? Is it based upon fact, or upon blind faith? In this book we present an extensive “case for Christianity.”  We look at such things as the trustworthiness of the New Testament, its historical accuracy and the claims it makes about Jesus. Next we look at our options about the Person of Jesus Christ, concluding that He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. From there, we provide the evidence that He is the One whom He claimed to be. This includes miracles, fulfilled prophecy, and His resurrection from the dead. Finally, we look at the way Jesus viewed the Old Testament as well as the soon to be written New Testament. The verdict will be clear: the case for Christianity is proved beyond a “reasonable doubt.”

Introduction To The Case For Christianity
Chapter 1: Apologetics: The Defense Of The Christian Faith
Chapter 2: Setting The Record Straight: What Christianity Is And What It Is Not
Chapter 3: Introducing The Case For Christianity The Christian Faith Is Sensible
Chapter 4: The Reliability Of The New Testament Text It Has Not Been Changed Throughout Time
- Part 1: Establishing The Text Of The New Testament. How We Know The Text Is Accurate
- Part 2: The Variant Readings In The Text. Why Do The Manuscripts Read Differently?
Chapter 5: The Historical Accuracy Of The New Testament It Matches Up With Known Facts
Chapter 6: The Main Character Of The New Testament: Jesus Christ: The Claims Made About Him
Chapter 7: The Claims Of Christ Considered: A Look At The Options
Chapter 8: The Miracles Of Jesus: He Demonstrated Authority In Every Realm
- Part 1: What Are Miracles? Understanding Biblical Miracles
- Part 2: The Evidence For Jesus’ Miracles - The New Testament Testimony To The Miracles Of Christ
- Part 3: Objections To The Miracles Of Jesus - Answering Common Objections To His Miracles
Chapter 9: Predictive Prophecy: Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy And Made Predictions That Have Come True
- Part 1: Introduction To Bible Prophecy: Only God Knows The Future
- Part 2: Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus: Some Predictions Fulfilled At His First Coming
- Part 3: Prophecies Jesus Made That Have Been Fulfilled: A Look At Jesus The Prophet
Chapter 10: The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ: He Is The Only One Who Has Conquered Death
- Part 1: The Importance Of The Resurrection: What Is Means To The Christian Faith
- Part 2: The Case For The Resurrection: Weighing The Evidence
- Part 3: The Indirect Evidence For The Resurrection: Circumstantial Evidence That Jesus Has Risen
- Part 4: Objections To The Resurrection: Some Common Objections Answered
- Part 5: The Meaning Of The Resurrection: So What If He Did Rise?
Chapter 11: Jesus’ View Of The Old Testament He Totally Trusted It
Chapter 12: Jesus’ View Of His Own Teachings: They Were Absolutely Authoritative
Chapter 13: Jesus’ View Of The New Testament: He Confirmed It Ahead Of Time
Chapter 14: Summary And Conclusion: The Christian Faith Is True

Did Jesus Exist? Are The Written Accounts About Him Reliable?

Part 1: Did Jesus Exist?
This book looks at the question of the existence of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus exist? Was He a genuine historical figure? What records do we have that testify to His existence? Why should we trust what they say? What historical facts can we know for certain about the life and ministry of Jesus? We will explore these and other important questions about the most influential person in history, Jesus of Nazareth.

Part 2: Which Written Records About Jesus Are Trustworthy? Are The Four Gospels Reliable?
We know that Jesus Christ was an historical character. There are a number of ancient sources that testify to His existence while no ancient source denies He existed. Consequently, the fact that He lived is really beyond all doubt.
However, we need to know more than the fact that Jesus lived. It is important that we have reliable records about Him so that we can have a trustworthy account of His life and ministry. Can we have any accurate knowledge of Jesus or are we left with unreliable evidence about Him?  This section looks into the reliability of the various sources that claim to give us testimony about Jesus’ life and ministry. The main sources are the four gospels. They claim to have been written by people who had firsthand knowledge of Jesus’ life and ministry. We will examine their claims as well as their reliability.  Apart from the four gospels, there have been other works about the life and ministry of Jesus that have been written. While not everything written about Jesus has survived, there are a few writings that claim to contain information about what He said or what He did.

This section will also examine some of the more popular early writings that claim to give us insight into the life and ministry of Jesus. We will see if any of them can add to our knowledge of Christ.

Question 1: Is It Important To Examine The Life Of Jesus Christ? What Makes Him So Special?
Question 2: How Do We Know That A Person Named Jesus Of Nazareth Truly Existed? Could He Be A Myth?
Question 3: What Do Early Jewish Writings, Such As Those Of Flavius Josephus, Say About Jesus? (Extra-Biblical Jewish Sources)
Question 4: What Do Early, Non-Jewish, Writings Tell Us About Jesus? (Extra-Biblical Gentile Sources)
Question 5: What Do The Early Christian Sources, Apart From The New Testament, Tell Us About Jesus? (Extra-Biblical Christian Sources)
Question 6: What Do The Combined Ancient Sources, Jewish, Non-Jewish, And Christian, Say About Jesus? (Biblical And Extra-Biblical Evidence)
Question 7: What Do The Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us About Jesus’ Existence?
Question 8: Why Don’t We Have More Early Sources Referring To Jesus?
Question 9 : What Year Was Jesus Born?
Question 10: Was Jesus Born On December 25th?
Question 11: What Do We Know Of Jesus’ Earlier Years?
Question 12: What Did Jesus Look Like?
Question 13: What Do We Know About Joseph, Jesus’ Earthly Father?
Question 14: What Do We Know About Mary, Jesus’ Mother?
Question 15: Did Jesus Have Brothers And Sisters?
Question 16: Has The Actual Burial Box Of James, Jesus’ Brother, Been Found?
Question 17: What Historical Facts Do We Know For Certain About The Life Of Jesus?

Part 2: Which Written Records About Jesus Are Trustworthy? Are The Four Gospels Reliable?
Question 18: What Are The Main Issues We Face In Determining The Reliability Of The New Testament Account Of Jesus?
Question 19: Who Wrote The Four Gospels?
Question 20: Were The Writers Of The Four Gospels Qualified To Write About Jesus?
Question 21: When Were The Four Gospels Written?
Question 22: Why Are There Four Gospels?
Question 23: Why Should We Trust The Four Gospel Writers Account Of Jesus’ Life? Weren’t They Biased?
Question 24: Could The Message Of Jesus Have Been Changed By His Own Disciples?
Question 25: Could The Church Have Conspired To Hide The Real Message Of Jesus? (Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The DaVinci Code)
Question 26: What About The Claims That Jesus Never Said Most Of The Things Attributed To Him In The New Testament? (The Jesus Seminar)
Question 27: What About All The Contradictions In The Gospel Accounts? Doesn’t This Make Their Writings Unbelievable?
Question 28: Did The Gospel Writers Use Previous Written Sources To Compile Their Accounts? (The Synoptic Problem And The Q Source)
Question 29: Did The Early Church Invent Some, If Not All, Of The Sayings Of Jesus?
Question 30: Are The Four Gospels Historically Accurate?
Question 31: Did Jesus Write Anything?
Question 32: What About Alleged Sayings Of Jesus That Are Not Found In The Four Gospels? (Agrapha)
Question 33: What Are Some Of The Accounts Of Jesus That Differ From The New Testament? Could They Tell The Real Story?
Question 34: What Is The Gospel Of Thomas?
Question 35: What Is The Secret Gospel Of Mark?
Question 36: What Is The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ?
Question 37: What Is The Archko Volume?
Question 38: What Are The Lost Books Of The Bible?
Question 39: What Should We Conclude About The Various Written Accounts Of Jesus Christ?

Who Is Jesus Christ?

What is truth? (Pontius Pilate)
Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).
Jesus Christ is an historical character. There is no doubt that He actually existed. Furthermore, the evidence also demonstrates that the records that we have about Him, contained in the four gospels, are reliable and trustworthy. They prove themselves to be the only firsthand information that we possess about Jesus’ life and ministry. This being the case, we go to these reliable records to discover who Jesus is.  In this book, we will examine the identity of Jesus Christ. As the most important figure in history, it is crucial that we have a correct understanding of His identity. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is God the Son – Second Person of the Trinity. He has eternally existed with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. He came to earth two thousand years ago as the God-man. Although Jesus was only one Person, He had two natures – one human and one divine. He was fully human and fully God. On earth He lived a perfect, sinless life. Therefore, He was qualified to be the sacrifice for the sins of the world. Consequently it is absolutely crucial that we have a thorough understanding of the identity of Jesus.

Question 1: Is Jesus Christ A Name Or A Title?
Question 2: Is Jesus Christ The Main Subject Of The Entire   Bible?
Question 3: According To The New Testament, Who Is Jesus?
Question 4: Was Jesus A Human Being?
Question 5: Does The New Testament Give Direct Evidence That Jesus Is God?
Question 6: Does The Bible Indirectly Teach That Jesus Is God?
Question 7: Why Was Jesus Called Immanuel? (God With Us)
Question 8: What Does Jesus’ Preexistence Mean?
Question 9: What Did Jesus Do Before He Came To Earth?
Question 10: Does The Fact That Jesus Received Worship Prove That He Is God?
Question 11: Why Was Jesus Called The Logos?
Question 12: Was Jesus Called The Son Of God?
Question 13: Are Others In Scripture, Apart From Jesus, Called The Son Of God Or Sons Of God?
Question 14: If Others Are Called “The Son Of God” In Scripture In What Sense Is Jesus Different?
Question 15: Was Jesus Always The Son Of God? (The Eternal Generation Of The Son)
Question 16: In What Sense Was Jesus Christ God And Man Simultaneously?  (The Hypostatic Union)
Question 17: What Are Some Common Misconceptions About The Two Natures Of Jesus Christ?
Question 18: How Could Christ Be Both God And Human At The Same Time? (The Communion Of Attributes)
Question 19: In What Sense Did Jesus Empty Himself? (Kenosis, Condescension Of Christ)
Question 20: What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Jesus Emptying Himself When He Came To Earth?
Question 21: Why Did Jesus Call Himself The Son Of Man?
Question 22: Did Jesus Ever Sin?
Question 23: Could Jesus Have Sinned? (The Peccability Of Christ)
Question 24: Was It Impossible For Jesus To Sin? (Impeccability)
Question 25: What Are The Usual Objections Brought Up Against The Idea That Jesus Could Not Have Sinned? (His Impeccability)
Question 26: What Common Ground Do Believers Have With Respect To Christ’s Ability To Sin?
Question 27: What Was The Purpose For Jesus’ Temptation?
Question 28: Why Is Jesus Called The Last Adam And The Second Man?
Question 29: Is The Virgin Birth To Be Understood Literally?
Question 30: Why Do We Find The Virgin Birth Only Recorded In Matthew And Luke?
Question 31: Why Is The Doctrine Of The Virgin Birth Important?
Question 32: Was The Virgin Conception Necessary?
Question 33: How Could A Virgin Birth Be Possible? (The Generation Of Christ)
Question 34: Why Was Jesus Called The Son Of David?
Question 35: Was Jesus The Messiah?
Question 36: If Jesus Was The Messiah, Why Did His People Reject Him?
Question 37: If Jesus Was The Messiah, Why Did John The Baptist Have Doubts?
Question 38: Was Jesus The Prophet That Moses Predicted Would Come Into The World?
Question 39: Was Jesus A King?
Question 40: Was Jesus Always Confident Of His Identity?
Question 41: Will Jesus Christ Have Two Natures Forever?
Question 42: What Should We Conclude About The Identity Of Jesus Christ?

The Life And Ministry Of Jesus Christ

Part 1: The World Into Which Jesus Came - What The World Was Like In The First Century A.D.
What was the world like into which Jesus came? What were the different political and religious divisions of the Holy Land? This first section will examine the historical background of the world that saw the coming of Christ as well as some of the important characters that were prominent in the four gospels.

Part 2: The Life And Ministry Of Jesus
This section examines some of the key elements of the public ministry of Jesus. Although His public life was for a period of a few short years, He has influenced the course of this world as none other. In this section we will find out why He came, His relationship to the Law of Moses, as well as examine His miraculous deeds and His relationship to Bible prophecy.

Part 3: The Betrayal, Trial, And Death Of Jesus The Last Days Of Christ
This section will look at the events of the end of the life of Jesus. We consider His betrayal and death.  When Jesus was a child the first recorded thing that He uttered was that He must be about His Father’s business (Luke 2:49).
On the cross, Jesus final words were, “It is finished.” Jesus announced to the world that He had completed His Father’s business.

Part 1  The World Into Which Jesus Came - What The World Was Like In The First Century A.D.
Question 1: What Was The World Like In The First Century AD?
Question 2: What Were The Different Political Divisions Of The Holy Land When Jesus Came Into The World?
Question 3: What Language Or Languages Did Jesus Speak?
Question 4: Who Were The Caesars Mentioned In The Four Gospels?
Question 5: Who Was Pontius Pilate?
Question 6: Who Were The Herods?
Question 7: What Was The Sanhedrin?
Question 8: Who Were The High Priest’s Annas And Caiaphas?
Question 9: Who Were The Scribes? (The Teachers Of The Law)
Question 10: Who Were The Pharisees?
Question 11: Who Were The Sadducees?
Question 12: Who Were The Herodians?
Question 13: Who Were The Samaritans?
Question 14: Who Were The Essenes?
Question 15: Who Was John The Baptist?
Question 16: What Do We Know About The Twelve Disciples?
Question 17: Who Was Mary Magdalene?
Question 18: What Was Golgotha? (Mount Calvary)

Part 2: The Life Of Christ
Question 19: Why God The Son, Jesus Christ Become A Human Being? (The Incarnation)
Question 20: Why Did Jesus Come At That Particular Time In History?
Question 21: If Jesus Was Without Sin, Then Why Was He Baptized?
Question 22: Did Jesus Fulfill The Prophecies About The Messiah?
Question 23: Did Jesus Come To Bring Peace On Earth?
Question 24: Did Jesus Get Involved In The Contemporary Politics In Israel?
Question 25: What Was Jesus’ Relationship With The Law Of Moses?
Question 26: Why Was Jesus Called Lord?
Question 27: What Was The Significance Of The Transfiguration Of Jesus?
Question 28: Did Jesus Perform Miracles?
Question 29: What Was The Purpose Of Jesus’ Miracles?
Question 30: Why Should Anyone Believe In The Miracles Of Jesus?
Question 31: What Objections Have Been Made To Jesus Miracles?
Question 32: Could The Teachings Of Jesus Have Come From A Different Source Than God?
Question 33: Why Did Jesus Speak In Parables?
Question 34: Did Jesus Know The People Would Reject Him?
Question 35: Was Jesus A Prophet?
Question 36: In What Ways Did Jesus Fulfill The Prophetic Ministry?
Question 37: Did Jesus Make Predictions That Have Come True During His Lifetime?
Question 38: Did Jesus Make Predictions That Have Come True After His Lifetime?

Part 3: The Betrayal, Trial, And Death Of Jesus: The Last Days Of Christ
Question 39: What Was The Chronology Of The Events Surrounding The Death Of Christ?
Question 40: Why Was Jesus Betrayed By Judas Iscariot?
Question 41: Why Did The Religious Leaders Want To Kill Jesus?
Question 42: Was The Death Of Jesus Planned Ahead Of Time?
Question 43: Did Jesus Receive A Fair Trial?
Question 44: Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross?
Question 45: Why Was Jesus Crucified Rather Than Being Stoned To Death?
Question 46: What Is The Significance Of The Words Jesus Spoke While On The Cross?
Question 47: What Was Responsible For The Death Of Jesus?
Appendix 1:: What Day Of The Week Was Jesus Crucified (Wednesday, Thursday, Or Friday)?

The Resurrection Of Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus, there is no Christianity, no hope for the believer, and no hope for our world. If the resurrection is true, then Jesus is everything that He claimed to be. However, if He did not come back from the dead as the Bible says He did, then the Christian faith is a farce and must be abandoned. In this book we will look at the events surrounding the resurrection, the evidence for the fact that Jesus came back from the dead, and certain theories that attempt to explain it away.

Question 1: How Important Is The Resurrection To Christianity?
Question 2: Did Jesus Predict His Own Resurrection?
Question 3: What Precautions Were Taken To Keep The Tomb Of Jesus Secure?
Question 4: What Historical Facts Are Undisputed About Jesus And His Resurrection?
Question 5: To Whom Did Jesus Appear After His Resurrection?
Question 6: What Observations Can Be Made About Jesus’ Resurrection Appearances?
Question 7: What Do We Know About The Characters Of The Witnesses Who Testified Of The Risen Christ?
Question 8: What Is The Indirect Evidence That Jesus Came Back From The Dead?
Question 9: Who Brought Jesus Back From The Dead?
Question 10: What Is The Meaning Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ?
Question 11: What Objections Have Been Made To The Resurrection?
Question 12: Isn’t The Resurrection From The Dead A Scientific Impossibility?
Question 13: Doesn’t The Resurrection Story Contain Mythological Elements?
Question 14: Was The Real Story About Jesus Suppressed By Later Church Authorities?
Question 15: Did The Story About Jesus Became Embellished As It Was Told And Retold?
Question 16: Was The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection Borrowed From Other Ancient Accounts Of A Dying And Rising God? (The Mystery Religions)
Question 17: Was The Tomb Of Jesus Really Empty?
Question 18: Was The Body Of Jesus Stolen?
Question 19: Did Jesus Actually Die On The Cross?
Question 20: Did The Women Go To The Wrong Tomb On Easter Sunday?
Question 21: Did The Gardener Removed The Body Of Jesus? (The Lettuce Theory)
Question 22: Was There A Twin Brother Of Jesus Who Appeared?
Question 23: Was Someone Else Crucified Instead Of Jesus? (The Substitution Theory)
Question 24: Is It Possible There Was Some Sort Of Conspiracy To Pretend Jesus Had Risen?
Question 25: Did The Disciples Merely Have Hallucinations About Seeing the Risen Jesus?
Question 26: Did Jesus Actually Appear But Only In A Vision?
Question 27: Did Jesus Appeared To Believers Only Who Were Expecting A Resurrection?
Question 28: Are The Reports About Jesus’ Resurrection Hopelessly Contradictory?
Question 29: Can A Reasonable Scenario Of The Events Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection Be Proposed?
Question 30: Can We Really Know What Happened To Jesus And Does It Actually Matter What Occurred?
Question 31: Has The Tomb Of Jesus, And The Burial Box That Contains His Bones, Been Found In Jerusalem?
Question 32: Was Jesus Raised Bodily From The Dead?
Question 33: What Were The Differences Between Jesus’ Body Before And After His Resurrection?
Question 34: Haven’t People Apart From Jesus Come Back From The Dead?
Question 35: What Observations And Conclusions Can We Make About The Resurrection Of Jesus?

Part 2: The Ascension Of Jesus And His Present Ministry As High Priest - How Jesus Left The Earth And What He Does Today
Question 36: How Did Jesus Leave The Earth? (The Ascension)
Question 37: What Is The Meaning Of The Ascension?
Question 38: What Is Jesus’ Ministry Today?
Question 39: How Is Jesus’ Priesthood Better Than That Of Earthly Priests?
Question 40: What Will Be The Ministry Of Jesus Christ In The Future?
Question 41: What Objections Do People Have From Becoming A Christian?

Accusations Against Jesus Answered

In this book, we will consider some of the views about Jesus and His ministry that are contrary to the teaching of the New Testament. It is important that we are familiar with these particular perspectives. While not all of them have been taken seriously by scholars, they have some received popularity in the general public and consequently, must be addressed.

Question 1: How Can We Categorize Claims About Jesus’ Identity And Ministry That Do Not Fit The Historical Facts?
Question 2: What Are Some Common Biblical Objections To Jesus’ Deity?
Question 3: Why Did Jesus Say My Father Is Greater Than I? (John 14:28)
Question 4: In What Sense Is Jesus The Firstborn Of All Creation? (Colossians 1:15)
Question 5: In What Sense Is Jesus The Beginning Of God’s Creation? (Revelation 3:14)
Question 6: Does The Book Of Proverbs Teach That Jesus Is A Created Being? (Proverbs 8:22-25)
Question 7: Why Was Jesus Called The Only Begotten Son?
Question 8: Why Was Jesus Different Than Other Miracle Workers Of His Time (Honi The Circle Drawer, Apollonius Of Tyana)
Question 9: Could Jesus Have Been A Master Hypnotist?
Question 10: Was Jesus A Magician, Or Sorcerer, Involved In The Occult?
Question 11: Did Jesus Travel Internationally And Receive His Doctrine From Elsewhere?
Question 12: Do The Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal Christianity Had Its Origin From The Essenes?
Question 13: Were The Teachings Of Jesus Influenced By The Gnostics?
Question 14: Was Christianity Similar To The Mystery Religions In The Roman Empire?
Question 15: Did Paul Change The Teachings Of Jesus And Invent Christianity?
Question 16: What Are We To Make Of The Idea That Jesus Was An Alien From Another Planet?
Question 17: What Are The Different Ways In Which Jesus’ Claims Can Be Viewed?
Question 18: Is It Possible That The Claims Of Jesus Christ Were Legendary?
Question 19: Is It Possible That Jesus Lied About Who He Was?
Question 20: Is It Possible That Jesus Was Insane?
Question 21: Is It Possible That Jesus Was Only A Great Prophet?
Question 22: What Should We Conclude About The Various Inadequate Views Of Jesus And His Ministry?


Don Stewart is an internationally recognized Christian apologist and speaker. He graduated cum laude from Talbot Theological Seminary and the International Seminar in Theology and Law in Strasbourg, France, as well as from Biola University. Don is also a best-selling and award-winning author/co-author of over seventy books. [ read more ]


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