The thought of eternity is hard for us to comprehend. Yet eternity is something we are all facing. Indeed, it is the personal future for each and every one of us. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand how to live in light of it. In this book, we will examine how to conduct our lives with eternity in mind. How do we live a life pleasing to God with eternity in our future? However, before we examine this topic, it is important to understand what the Bible has to say about death, dying and the afterlife.  If God created a perfect world, then why do people die? Is there life after death? Is heaven a reality? If so, then how do we get there? Are there answers to these questions? Where do we find them? There are indeed answers to these and other ultimate questions about death, dying and what lies beyond the grave. They are found in only one place, the Bible!  Once we answer these preliminary questions from Scripture, then we will look at how we should live in the light of eternity. 

For example, how do we live a life that honors God in preparation for eternity? How do we prepare for our own death? Should Christians be afraid of dying? How do we react to the death of a loved one who is a believer? How do we react to the death of a loved one who may not be a believer? Should believers be buried or cremated upon death? This book will answer these and other questions about how to live in the light of eternity.


In the first volume of our series we considered what the Bible had to say about living in the light of eternity. We began by covering the subjects of death, dying, and the afterlife. We found that death is not the end. Indeed, it leads to an ultimate destination. For believers, it is in the presence of the Lord but for unbelievers it consists of eternal separation from Him. Understanding these biblical truths will help us live our lives in the light of the eternity which awaits us. In this book, we will look at what the Bible has to say about the state of those who have died. What happens to people “one second” after they die? Are they conscious or do they sleep? Do believers go immediately to heaven and unbelievers immediately to hell? What does the Bible say? We will consider these and other related questions as we examine this important topic of the present state of the dead.


In the first book of our series, we looked at some basic questions about death and dying. We found that death was not God’s original intention for humanity. It only came about as a result of sin. We also discovered that death is not the end; it leads to an ultimate destination for every human being. Knowing this, we discussed how to live in the light of the eternity facing each of us. 

In our next book, we learned that after people die their bodies go to the grave but their spirit or soul goes elsewhere. Indeed, they are either consciously in God’s present or in a place of judgment. This is known as the intermediate or “in-between” state.  However, by its very name the intermediate, or the in-between, state has the idea that something is coming after that. Indeed, it is only temporary. This book will look at what comes after the “in-between” state.
In this third volume we will look at the subjects of the resurrection of the dead as well as the coming biblical judgments. The Bible says there will come a day when the bodies of the dead will be joined with their soul or spirit.  Once this occurs, the dead will be judged. The righteous dead will not be judged for their sin. Indeed, judgment for believers consists of rewards. However, the same cannot be said for the unrighteous. Their judgment will consist of punishment. The Bible has much to say about these topics. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand that one day our bodies will be raised and that we will be judged for our choices here upon the earth. Consequently, this is a very important topic to consider.


As we have seen, after the resurrection of the dead comes the judgment. The judgment of God leads people to one of two eternal destinations. Our next book in the series will look at the ultimate destination for believers, heaven. We will answer a number of important questions about heaven which include the following. 

Does Heaven Actually Exist?
How Does A Person Go To Heaven? 
Can Anyone Be Certain They Are Going To Heaven? 
Will We See God In Heaven? 
Will We Recognize Our Love Ones In Heaven?


Does Hell Really Exist? 
How Could A God Of Love Send People To Hell? 
Do Unbelievers Suffer In Hell Forever? 
What About The Possibility Of The Wicked Being Annihilated? 
What Was Jesus’ View Of Hell?