Resurrection and Judgment

Don Stewart    This book will look at what comes after the “in-between” state. In this third volume we will look at the subjects of the resurrection of the dead as well as the coming biblical judgments. The Bible says there will come a day when the bodies of the dead will be joined with their soul or spirit. Once this occurs, the dead will be judged. The righteous dead will not be judged for their sin. Indeed, judgment for believers consists of rewards. However, the same cannot be said for the unrighteous. Their judgment will consist of punishment. The Bible has much to say about these topics. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand that one day our bodies will be raised and that we will be judged for our choices here upon the earth. Consequently, this is a very important topic to consider.
Part 1: The Resurrection Of The Dead
Question 1 Does The Bible Directly Teach That The Dead Will Be Raised Someday?
Question 2 Does The Bible Symbolically Teach That The Dead Will Rise?
Question 3 Is The Resurrection Of The Dead Taught By Predictive Prophecy?
Question 4 What Does Jesus’ Resurrection Teach Us About The Future Resurrection Of The Dead?
Question 5 How Do We Understand Certain Biblical Statements That Seemingly Deny The Resurrection Of The Dead?
Question 6 Who Will Raise The Dead?
Question 7 Why Do Believers Need A Resurrected Body?
Question 8 Are There Some People Who Will Never Die? (The Rapture Of The Church)
Question 9 What Will The Glorified Bodies Of The Righteous Be Like?
Question 10 What Are Some Inadequate Views Of The Resurrection Of The Body?
Question 11 What’s The Difference Between Resurrection And Resuscitation Or Re-animation?
Question 12 Isn’t The Resurrection Of The Dead A Scientific Impossibility?
Question 13 Does The Bible Teach That Both The Righteous And Unrighteous Will Be Raised From The Dead?
Question 14 What About The Unbelievers? How Will They Be Raised? Will They Have A Body?
Question 15 What Are The Biblical Arguments That Everyone Be Raised From The Dead At The Same Time? (One General Resurrection)
Question 16 What Are The Biblical Arguments That There Is More Than One Resurrection?
Question 17 Since We Are Going To Get A New Body, How Should We View Our Present Sinful Body? Should We Hate It?

Part 2: The Coming Biblical Judgments
Question 18 Will The Human Race Be Judged In The Future?
Question 19 Who Will Be The Judge Of Humanity? What Does The Bible Say About Jesus Judging The World?
Question 20 What Is The Stated Purpose For God’s Judgment Upon The Human Race?
Question 21 On What Basis Will People Be Judged?
Question 22 Will Believers Have Any Part Of God’s Judgment?
Question 23 What Arguments Are Given For People Having A Second Chance To Believe In Jesus After Their Death? (Postmortem Evangelism, Second Probation)
Question 24 Does The Bible Teach A Second Chance To Be Saved After Death?
Question 25 What Are The Various Judgments That Are Still To Come?
Question 26 What Are The Arguments For Everyone Being Judged At Once? (One General Judgment)
Question 27 Why Do People Believe There Will Be A Number Of Judgments Instead Of One Final Judgment? (Judgment Will Be In Stages)
Question 28 How Will Believer’s Be Judged? (The Judgment Seat Of Christ: The Bema)
Question 29 What Things Should We Do In This Life To Earn Rewards In The Next Life? (On What Basis, Or Criteria Will Believers Be Judged?)
Question 30 Will Every Believer In Jesus Christ Receive A Reward In Heaven?
Question 31 Whom Will Christ Judge At His Second Coming? (The Judgment Of The Nations)
Question 32 What Is The Last Judgment? (The Great White Throne)
Question 33 What Will Be The Results Of God’s Final Judgment?
Question 34 What Observations And Conclusions Should We Make About The Resurrection Of The Dead And The Coming Biblical Judgments?

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