In the Beginning: The Creation and The Fall (Genesis 1-3)

Don Stewart    In this book, we look at one of the most important sections of the entire Bible; the first three chapters of Genesis. Indeed, in them we find the only firsthand explanation of the origin of our planet, ourselves, sin, and the promise of a Savior. Again, we cannot overemphasize the importance of these chapters for they are foundational for the rest of Scripture.

Part 1: Introductory Questions About The Book of Genesis
Question 1 What is the Purpose of Genesis? Why Was It Written?
Question 2 Is It Important To Interpret The Events Of Genesis In A Literal Manner?
Question 3 Does The Book Of Genesis Provide Any Scientific Information Regarding The Formation Of The Universe? Part 2: The Genesis Creation Account (Genesis 1 and 2)
Question 4 What Does Genesis 1:1 Tell Us About The Creation Of The Heavens And The Earth?
Question 5 How Should Genesis 1:1 Be Translated?
Question 6 Should Genesis 1:1 Be Understood As A Title To The Creation Account?
Question 7 How Could There Have Been Light Before The Sun?
Question 8 What Do “The Waters Above” Refer To? (Genesis 1:7)
Question 9 How Were The Stars To Be Used As Signs? (Genesis 1:14)
Question 10 To Whom Did God Enter Counsel With? (Genesis 1:26) Does This Speak Of The Trinity?
Question 11 What Is The Image Of God That Humankind Was Created In? What Things Do We Have In Common With God?
Question 12 Is There A Difference Between The Image And Likeness Of God?
Question 13 Does God Command Humanity To Exploit Nature? (Genesis 1:28-30)
Question 14 In What Sense Did God Rest On The Seventh Day?
Question 15 Why Does Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Use Different Names For God? (Elohim And Yahweh, Or Jehovah)
Question 16 Does Genesis 1 and 2 Contain Two Contradictory Accounts Of Creation?
Question 17 Where Was The Garden Of Eden? Can Its Location Ever Be Found?
Question 18 Were Adam And Eve Actual People?
Question 19 Did Any Human Beings Exist Before God Created Adam And Eve? (Pre-Adamic Race)
Question 20 How Was Adam Created? (Genesis 2:7)
Question 21 In What Sense Was Adam Different From The Animals?
Question 22 What Was The Tree Of Life?
Question 23 What Was The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil?
Question 24 Were Humans Created Before The Animals? (Genesis 2:19)
Question 25 What Does It Mean, “Man Was To Keep The Garden?”
Question 26 How Was Eve Created? Was She Made From The Rib Of Adam?
Question 27 If Eve Was Created From Adam’s Rib, Then Why Don’t Males Have One Less Rib Than Females? Part 3: The Fall Of Humanity (Genesis 3)
Question 28 Is The Fall Of Humanity An Historical Event Or Is It A Myth? Does It Matter One Way Or The Other?
Question 29 Did God Give Adam And Eve An Unfair Test In The Garden Of Eden?
Question 30 How Do We Understand The Serpent, Or Snake In The Garden Of Eden? Was It A Real Creature?
Question 31 Why Did God Allow The Tempter To Enter The Paradise Of Eden?
Question 32 With Respect To Eating The Forbidden Fruit, Did Eve Either Change Or Misinterpret The Original Commands Of The Lord?
Question 33 Why Do Some Translations Of Genesis 3:5 Say Adam And Eve Could Become gods? Does This Mean That More Than One God Exists?
Question 34 What Type Of Knowledge Did The Serpent Promise Eve? (Did She Think She Could Become God?)
Question 35 In What Areas Was Eve Tempted?
Question 36 What Was Adam’s Role In The Fall? Why Didn’t He Stop Eve From Eating The Forbidden Fruit?
Question 37 What Would Have Happened If Adam Had Not Eaten From The Forbidden Fruit?
Question 38 In What Sense Did Adam And Eve Die When They Ate The Forbidden Fruit?
Question 39 What Would Have Happened If Adam And Eve Did Not Sin?
Question 40 How Are We To Understand God “Walking” In The Garden Of Eden?
Question 41 Did God Find Out That Adam And Eve Had Sinned Only When He Found Them Hiding?
Question 42 What Was The Punishment For The Serpent For Its Role In The Fall?
Question 43 What Does Genesis 3:15 Mean? Who Is The Seed Or Offspring Of The Serpent? Who Is The Seed Or Offspring Of The Woman?
Question 44 How Was The Woman Punished For Her Role In The Fall? What Is Meant By “Childbearing Will Be A Curse?”
Question 45 How Was The Man Punished For His Role In The Fall?
Question 46 How Did The Fall Affect The Earth?
Question 47 Does Genesis 3:22 Contradict Genesis 1:27? In What Sense Can Humans Become Like God?
Question 48 If God Is Everywhere, How Could Adam And Eve Hide From His Presence?
Question 49 Why Did God Place A Guard At The Garden Of Eden? (The Cherubim)
Question 50 What Important Spiritual Truths Do We Learn From The Account Of The Fall Of Humanity?
Appendix 1 Did Moses Write The First Five Books Of The Bible?
Appendix 2 Since Moses Wasn’t Alive When The Events Of Genesis Were Written How Could He Accurately Record What Happened?
Appendix 3 Why Is Moses’ Authorship Of The First Five Books Of Scripture Rejected By Some People?
Appendix 4 How Could Moses Have Written About His Own Death? (Deuteronomy 34)
Appendix 5 Is The Genesis Account Of Creation Similar To Other Ancient Accounts Such As The Mesopotamian Enuma Elish?
Appendix 6 Did The Writer Of Genesis Borrow His Ideas From Other Ancient Creation Accounts?
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