Diving Healing

Don Stewart    One of the most controversial ministries of the Holy Spirit is that of divine healing. Does God want to heal everyone? To what degree is faith involved in the healing of the body? If someone is not healed is that because they did not have enough faith? In this book we consider these, as well as other important issues, regarding the healing of the body. We will begin by looking at certain misconceptions which are commonly held with respect to the subject of divine healing. After setting the record straight, we will then we have a detailed look at the major issues that surround this subject. This involves looking at what the Old Testament has to say about the subject, the four gospels, the Book of Acts, and the New Testament letters.

Question 1 What Are Some of the Common Misconceptions Surrounding the Subject of Divine Healing?
Question 2 What Does the Old Testament Have to Say about God Supernaturally Healing the Sick?
Question 3 Did the Lord Ever Send Sickness as Judgment during the Old Testament Period?
Question 4 Are There Old Testament Examples of Believers Being Sick Which Was Not a Result of Personal Sin?
Question 5 Did Jesus Christ Miraculously Heal the Sick?
Question 6 What Do We Discover about the Various Reports of Healing Found in Jesus’ Ministry?
Question 7 What Methods Did Jesus Use to Heal the Sick?
Question 8 Why Did Jesus Heal the Sick?
Question 9 What Was the Response of the People of Jesus’ Day to His Healings?
Question 10 What Do We Learn from the Healing Miracles of Jesus’ Disciples Which Are Found in the Four Gospels?
Question 11 What Do We Learn from the Healing Miracles of Jesus’ Disciples Which Are Found in the Book of Acts?
Question 12 What Do the New Testament Letters Have to Say about Divine Healing?
Question 13 Does the New Testament Give Examples of Faith Healers?
Question 14 Does God Want to Heal Everyone?
Question 15 What about Verses That Seem to Promise Healing? (Healing in the Atonement)
Question 16 According to the Bible, Why Do People Get Sick?
Question 17 Should a Person Who Is Sick Seek Supernatural Healing? Is It a Lack of Faith to Consult a Doctor?
Question 18 Does the Bible Make a Distinction between Sickness and Other Types of Suffering?
Question 19 Why Did James Tell Sick People to Be Anointed with Oil? (James 5:13-18)
Question 20 Is the Devil Able to Miraculously Heal the Sick? What about Reports of Healings in Non-Christian Religions?
Question 21 What Would Constitute a Modern-Day Miraculous Healing?

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