Living in the Light of Eternity

Don Stewart    The thought of eternity is hard for us to comprehend. Yet eternity is something we are all facing. Indeed, it is the personal future for each and every one of us. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand how to live in light of it. In this book, we will examine how to conduct our lives with eternity in mind. How do we live a life pleasing to God with eternity in our future?

Part 1: Understanding Death, Dying And The Afterlife
Question 1 Why Are The Subjects Of Death, Dying, And The Afterlife Worth Studying?
Question 2 Where Did Death Come From? If God Created A Perfect World Why Is There Death And Dying?
Question 3 Are We Humans Made Up Of Both Body And Spirit Or Are We Merely A Body?
Question 4 According To The Bible What Is The Meaning Of Physical Death?
Question 5 What Different Terms Does The Bible Use To Describe Physical Death?
Question 6 Can The Spirit, Or Soul, Be Destroyed?
Question 7 In What Sense Do Human Beings Have Immortality?
Question 8 What Is Spiritual Death?
Question 9 What Is The Second Death Or Eternal Death?
Question 10 Did The Biblical Characters Bury Their Dead? If So, Then Why?
Question 11 Do We Find Examples Of Cremation In The Bible?
Question 12 Does The Bible Speak Of Embalming The Dead?
Question 13 Does The Bible Encourage Superstitious Practices About Death, Dying And Burial?
Question 14 Does The Bible Command Or Allow Worship Of Ancestors?
Question 15 What Hope Did The Old Testament Give For Those Who Had Died?
Question 16 What Hope Does The New Testament Give For The Dead?
Question 17 In What Sense Has Jesus Abolished Death?
Question 18 Who Has The Ultimate Power Over Death: God Or The Devil?

Part 2: Living In The Light Of Eternity
Question 19 Can Anyone Be Certain They Are Going To Heaven?
Question 20 How Do Non-Christians Face Death?
Question 21 Should Christians Be Afraid Of Dying?
Question 22 Are Life And Death Under God’s Control?
Question 23 Is There An Appointed Time Each Of Us Will Die?
Question 24 Can We Lengthen Or Shorten Our Life By Our Behavior?
Question 25 Burial Or Cremation? What Should The Christian Do?
Question 26 What Does Scripture Have To Say About Suicide?
Question 27 How Shall We View Samson Taking His Own Life? Did He Commit Suicide?
Question 28 Do Those Who Commit Suicide Automatically Go To Hell? (1 Corinthians 3:16,17) Is It The Unpardonable Sin?
Question 29 What Is The Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit? Why Is This The Unpardonable Sin?
Question 30 What Sin Will Keep People Out Of Heaven? How Does Someone Today Commit The Unpardonable Sin?
Question 31 How Should We Respond To The Death Of A Loved One Who Is A Believer?
Question 32 How Should We Respond To The Death Of A Loved One Who May Not Be A Believer?
Question 33 How Are We To Understand People Who Have Claimed To Have Visions Of Heaven Or Hell Right Before Their Death? (Deathbed Visions)
Question 34 How Are We To Understand Claims Of People Who Say They Have Died, Gone To Heaven Or Hell, And Then Returned? (Near Death Experiences)
Question 35 In The Light Of Eternity, How Should We Live A Life That Is Pleasing To God?

More From The Afterlife

What Happens One Second After We Die?
Mar 30, 2023    Don Stewart    In this book, we will look at what the Bible has to say about the state of those who have died. What happens to people “one second” after they die? Are they conscious or do they sleep? Do believers go immediately to heaven and unbelievers immediately to hell? What does the Bible say? We will consider these and other related questions as we examine this important topic of the present state of the dead.
Resurrection and Judgment
Don Stewart    This book will look at what comes after the “in-between” state. In this third volume we will look at the subjects of the resurrection of the dead as well as the coming biblical judgments. The Bible says there will come a day when the bodies of the dead will be joined with their soul or spirit. Once this occurs, the dead will be judged. The righteous dead will not be judged for their sin. Indeed, judgment for believers consists of rewards. However, the same cannot be said for the unrighteous. Their judgment will consist of punishment. The Bible has much to say about these topics. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand that one day our bodies will be raised and that we will be judged for our choices here upon the earth. Consequently, this is a very important topic to consider.
Heaven: The Final Destination for Believers
Don Stewart    We now arrive at our fourth book in the series on the afterlife. In this book, we will look at the subject of the final destination of those who believe in the God of the Bible. Scripture says that when believers die in Jesus Christ they go to be with the Lord in a place called heaven. There are so many questions that arise about heaven. Where is it? What will people do in heaven? Will we recognize our loved ones? This book deals with these and other questions about the future home of believers.
Hell: The Final Destination for Unbelievers
Don Stewart    We now arrive at the last book in our series on the afterlife, the subject of hell. This last book in our series deals with the difficult topic of hell. We will answer such questions as: Is there really a place called hell? Who goes there? Why do people have to go to hell? And how can a person avoid going to hell? We will look at these, as well as other related questions about the final state of the wicked, as we wrap up our series on the afterlife.