Satan: Our Adversary The Devil

Mar 14, 2022    Don Stewart    Our third volume completes our study on the “Unseen World.” We will discover that there is a personage who exists who is the archenemy of God, and of humanity. He is known as Satan, the devil. In this book we will consider the career of this evil being from his creation, fall, judgment, and final consignment to the lake of fire. We will also consider how the believer can achieve victory in their life over this evil personage. While we do not want to dwell on the subject of the devil, as Christians, there are certain things which we should know about him.

Question 1: Does Satan, The Devil, Really Exist?
Question 2: Why Should We Study About Satan?
Question 3: What Does The Old Testament Say About Satan?
Question 4: What Do The Four Gospels Have To Say About Satan?
Question 5: What Does The Bible Tell Us About Satan Outside Of The Old Testament And The Four Gospels?
Question 6: What Is Career Of Satan?
Question 7: How Is Satan’s Character Described?
Question 8: What Does Satan Look Like?
Question 9: How Does Satan Counterfeit Jesus?
Question 10: What Contrasts Are There Between Satan And The Holy Spirit?
Question 11: Does Satan Have His Own Kingdom?
Question 12: Did God Create The Devil?
Question 13: What Caused Satan’s Fall?
Question 14: What Were The Results Of Satan’s Fall?
Question 15: Where Does Satan Presently Live?
Question 16: Why Did God Allow Satan To Continue After He Rebelled?
Question 17: Why Is Satan Called Lucifer?
Question 18: What Are Some Of The Different Titles Of Satan?
Question 19: Does Isaiah Speak Of Satan’s Fall Or The King Of Babylon? (Isaiah 14)
Question 20: Is Ezekiel Speaking Of Satan Or The King Of Tyre? (Ezekiel 28)
Question 21: Why Did God Use The King Of Babylon And The King Of Tyre To Illustrate The Fall Of Satan?
Question 22: How Has The Devil Attempted To Thwart God’s Plan Of The Ages?
Question 23: In What Ways Did Jesus Achieve Victory Over The Devil?
Question 24: How Has Satan Attempted To Destroy The Church?
Question 25: How Will Satan Work Through The Man Of Sin? (The Final Antichrist)
Question 26: Will God Release The Devil For A Short Time After Christ Returns?
Question 27: What Is The Ultimate Destiny Of The Devil?
Question 28: What Is The Extent Of Satan’s Power?
Question 29: Is Satan Able To Perform Miracles?
Question 30: Was The Serpent Who Spoke To Eve In The Garden Of Eden Actually Satan?
Question 31: How Does Satan Keep Unbelievers In Spiritual Darkness?
Question 32: What Are The Methods Of The Devil Toward The Believer?
Question 33: Can Satan Cause Physical Harm To Believers?
Question 34: When Does Satan Spiritually Attack The Believer?
Question 35: Can Believers Be The Unwitting Tools Of Satan?
Question 36: How Can The Believer Have Victory Over The Devil? (Ephesians 6:12-18)
Appendix 1: Who Incited David To Number The Fighting Men Of Israel And Judah: God Or Satan? (2 Samuel 24:1, 1 Chronicles 21:1)