God Wants Us to Know the Future

May 17, 2022    Don Stewart
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:08 The Unique Claims of the Bible:God Alone Correctly Predicts The Future
00:14:36 Question 1:What Is Bible Prophecy?
00:19:40 Question 2:Why Is It Important To Study Bible Prophecy?
00:39:23 Question 3:What Are Some of the Extremes We Should Avoid In Prophetic Study?
00:44:12 Question 4:What Is The Proper Way Of Dealing With Those Who Have A Different View Of Bible Prophecy Than Ours?
00:47:27 Question 5:What Are The Essential Truths About The End Times That All Christians Believe?
00:55:18 Question 6:Who Were the Biblical Prophets?
01:05:03 Question 7:Were There Female Prophets?
01:15:59 Question 8:What Are the Biblical Tests For A Prophet?
01:24:37 Question 9:Who Were The New Testament Prophets?
01:30:57 Question 10:What Is The New Testament Gift Of Prophecy?
01:40:36 Question 11:Were The New Testament Prophetic Messages Given Without Error?
02:06:50 Question 12:What Rules Does The New Testament Give For Prophesying at A Worship Service?
02:13:17 Question 13:Is the Gift of Prophecy Still Available For The Church?
02:23:51 Question 14:If There Are Modern-Day Prophetic Utterances, How Can They Be Tested?
02:33:28 Question 15 If There Are Modern-Day Prophetic Utterances, Should They Be Given The Same Authority as Scripture?
02:40:24 Question 16 Who Are False Prophets?
02:49:12 Question 17 What Do We Learn About God And His Word Through A Study of Fulfilled Prophecy?
02:57:37 Question 18 Do Other Religions Have Predictive Prophecy?
03:04:52 Question 19 How Did Biblical Prophets Receive Their Messages?
03:15:14 Question 20 Should Bible Prophecy Always Be Interpreted Literally?
03:30:58 Question 21 Does The Bible Ever Use Cryptograms, Or Codes, In Prophetic Messages? (Atbash)
03:38:46 Question 22 Are Any Of The Biblical Prophecies Conditional?
03:44:40 Question 23 Are There Time Gaps In Prophetic Passages? (Prophetic Perspective)
03:52:59 Question 24 What Is Double Fulfillment in Prophecy?
04:04:12 Question 25 What Objections Have Unbelievers Made To Biblical Prophecy?
04:16:46 Question 26 What Are Some Of The Dangers Involved In Studying Bible Prophecy As It Relates To The future?
04:30:20 Question 27 Why Do People Avoid Prophetic Study?
04:40:23 Question 28 Should We Look For Astronomical Signs In The Heavens That Fulfill Bible Prophecy?
04:59:38 Question 29 Is It Biblically Possible To Set Dates For The Return of Christ?
05:04:41 Question 30 What Confidence Can We Have That The Remaining Unfulfilled Biblical Predictions Will Be Fulfilled?
05:09:04 Question 31 Living In Light Of The Last Days:Lessons We Should Learn
05:45:37 Appendix 1 Daniel 9:Unlocking the Prophetic Key... A Lesson From Daniel God’s Way Of Interpreting Bible Prophecy

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