Don Stewart    The subject of this book is prayer. What do we mean by prayer? Who can pray? Does God hear the prayers of everyone? Why are certain prayers not answered? We will cover these, as well as other important issues, as we look at this most-important of subjects.

Question 1 What Is Prayer?
Question 2 What Types of Prayers Should Believers Pray?
Question 3 What Is “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2- 4)
Question 4 Why Should We Pray?
Question 5 Where Can a Person Pray?
Question 6 How Often Should We Pray?
Question 7 How Many Times Should We Ask God About a Particular Matter?
Question 8 Does God Answer Prayer?
Question 9 To Whom Do We Pray: The Father, The Son, or the Holy Spirit?
Question 10 What Does It Mean to Pray in Jesus’ Name?
Question 11 How Does the Holy Spirit Help Us Pray?
Question 12 Should We Pray Directly to the Holy Spirit?
Question 13 How Did People Get Their Prayers Answered Before Jesus Came to Earth?
Question 14 What Does It Mean to Pray with Faith?
Question 15 Is There a Proper Prayer Position?
Question 16 Do We Always Have to Pray Out Loud?
Question 17 Does God Answer All of Our Prayers?
Question 18 Why Do So Many Prayers Seem to Go Unanswered?
Question 19 Can Some of Our Prayer Requests Bring About Bad Results?
Question 20 What Are the Conditions for Answered Prayer?
Question 21 What Should a Person Pray For? Prayer © Don Stewart 4
Question 22 Whose Prayers Does God Hear?
Question 23 What Are Some of the Things We Should Not Do in Prayer?
Question 24 Should The Believer Fast As Well As Pray?

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