Winning the Spiritual War

Don Stewart    Part 1: Having Victory Over Our Enemies The Bible says that each believer inherits three enemies – the world, the flesh, and the Devil. In this first part of the book we will concentrate on two of them: the world and the flesh. We will see what they represent and how believers can have victory over them. Part 2 Evangelism: Telling Others About Jesus Our subject is now evangelism – telling other people the good news about Jesus Christ. In one sense, this is the most important part of the course. The final command that Jesus gave His disciples was to go into all of the world and make disciples. This command is still in force today. It is the job of every believer to tell the world the good news about Jesus. The part of our course looks at that command.

Question 1 Who Are the Believer’s Enemies? (The World, the Flesh, the Devil)
Question 2 What Is the Present World System? How Can the Believer Defend against Worldliness?
Question 3 How Does God Feel about Earthly Success?
Question 4 How Is a Christian Supposed to Participate in the World?
Question 5 What Drives a Born-Again Christian to Sin? (The Old Nature, the Old Man, the Flesh)
Question 6 What Is the New Nature?
Question 7 How Can We Defeat the Old Nature? (The Flesh)
Question 8 Who Is the Natural Man? (The Natural Person)
Question 9 Who Is the Spiritual Man? (The Spiritual Person)
Question 10 What Is the Carnal Believer?
Question 11 How Can We Control Our Sinful Desires?
Question 12 How Can We Decide Right from Wrong?
Question 13 What about Questionable Matters That the Bible Does Not Specifically Cover?
Question 14 Whom Are Believers Supposed to Love?
Question 15 How Are Believers Supposed to Show Their Love for Others?
Question 16 What Happens When Believers Love Others?
Question 17 Should We Love Ourselves?
Question 18 Should the Believer Give Up Their Non-Christian Friends?
Question 19 Should the Christian Expect to Be Persecuted?
Question 20 How Are Believers To Be Judged?
Question 21 What Practical Steps Can We Take toward Christian Maturity?
Question 22 How Should the Lifestyle of the Christian Be Different from That of the Non-Christian?

Part 2: Sin and Forgiveness
Question 23 What Is Sin?
Question 24 How Does Sin Affect The Life of the Believer?
Question 25 What’s Involved In Confession Of Sin?
Question 26 Why Must We Continually Confess Our Sins?
Question 27 What Happens When We Keep Repeating The Same Sin?
Question 28 How Does Sin Affect Our Relationship with Others?
Question 29 What Is Temptation?
Question 30 How Should A Person Resist Temptation?
Question 31 What Lessons Can Be Learned From Jesus’ Temptations?
Question 32 Does a Person Have to Keep On Sinning?
Question 33 Will Anyone Get to the Place Where They Are without Sin? (Perfectionism)
Question 34 What Is Repentance?
Question 35 How Can We Overcome Habitual Sin?
Question 36 What Is the Forgiveness of Sins?
Question 37 What Role Does Jesus Play With The Father Concerning Our Forgiveness? (Advocacy)
Question 38 Whom Are Believers Supposed To Forgive?
Question 39 How Do We Treat Someone Who Sins Against Us?
Question 40 What If We Do Not Feel like Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt Us?
Question 41 How Does God Work with Our Conscience?

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