25 Signs We Are Near the End

Feb 27, 2023    Don Stewart    In this book, we are going to consider twenty-five specific signs that the Bible gives that demonstrate that we are near the “time of the end.” By this we mean the time when the Lord Jesus returns from Heaven and sets up His everlasting kingdom. For the record, we will not involve ourselves in any wild speculation that predicts the exact time the end will occur. This is not biblical, nor is it helpful. Instead, our goal is simply to lay out what the Scripture has to say about the subject, and then observe how its predictions have been literally fulfilled—setting the stage for the return of the Lord.


Sign 1 The Miracle of Israel’s Survival

Sign 2 As Their Enemies Have Done to Israel, So God Will Do to Them

Sign 3 Israel Will Miraculously Return to its Ancient Homeland in the “Last Days.”

Sign 4 The Nation Will Return In Two Stages

Sign 5 Jerusalem Will Be United under Israeli Rule

Sign 6 Israel Will be in the World’s Spotlight

Sign 7 There Will be a Continual Search for Peace in Israel

Sign 8 Preparations Will Be Made to Build the Third Temple

Sign 9 In the Last Days, Certain Specified Nations Will Invade Israel (Ezekiel 38,39)

Sign 10 The Nations Missing from the Ezekiel 38,39 Invasion

Sign 11 No Superpower Will Intervene on Israel’s Behalf When They are Invaded (Ezekiel 38,39): Something Will Happen to the United States

Sign 12 There Will Be A Ten Nation Confederation in Western Europe (The Revival of the Ancient Roman Empire)

Sign 13 There Will Be A One-World Political And Economic System (Globalism)

Sign 14 The World Will Desperately Look for A Leader

Sign 15 There Will Be an Exponential Increase in Technology

Sign 16 Plagues and Pestilence Will Trouble the World

Sign 17 The World Will Be Characterized by Lawlessness

Sign 18 The World Will Be Characterized by Violence

Sign 19 The Organized Church Will Turn Away from the Faith (Apostasy)

Sign 20 There Will Be a Rise in False Prophets, False Teachers, and False Christs

Sign 21 There Will Be a Rise in Anti-Semitism

Sign 22 Christians Will Continue to Be Persecuted

Sign 23 Unbelievers Will Scoff at the Idea of Christ’s Return

Sign 24 The Wicked Will Not Understand the Signs of the Times

Sign 25 Bible-Believers Will Understand What Is Taking Place

Summing Up The 25 Signs Of The End

Appendix 1: Answering Some Objections

--Is Bible Prophecy Really That Important to Study? Isn’t the Subject Too Difficult to Understand?

--What About All the False Predictions That Have Been Made by Bible Interpreters? How Then, Can Anyone Know What is True?

--Should These Biblical Predictions Regarding Israel and the “Last Days” Be Understood Literally? Haven’t They Already Been Fulfilled Symbolically by the Church?

--Weren’t These Prophecies Fulfilled at the Return from Babylon?

--Has the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” Already Occurred at the Destruction of Jerusalem?

Appendix 2: Some Predictions by Past Bible Commentators That Have Now Been Literally Fulfilled

Appendix 3: The Consistent Argument Used by Past Commentators: The Miracle of the Jews!

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