Evil Angels, Demons, and the Occult: The Dark World

Don Stewart    This second book in our series examines three separate topics with respect to the unseen world.

Topic 1: Evil Angels The Fallen Spirit Beings
Question 1 Why Should The Subject Of Evil Angels Be Studied?
Question 2 Who Are The Evil Angels?
Question 3 When Did The Angelic Rebellion Occur?
Question 4 Where Do The Evil Angels Reside?
Question 5 How Many Evil Angels Exist?
Question 6 Are The Evil Angels Organized?
Question 7 What Do Evil Angels Do?
Question 8 What Is The Destiny Of Evil Angels?
Question 9 What Observations And Conclusions Can We Make About The Subject Of Evil Angels?

Topic 2: Demons The Existence And Work Of Evil Spirits
Question 10 Do Demons Actually Exist?
Question 11 How Are We To Understand Jesus’ Belief In Demons?
Question 12 What Are Demons?
Question 13 What Are The Various Names What Are The Various Titles, Or Names, Given To Demonic Or Evil Spirits?
Question 14 Where Did Demons Originate?
Question 15 What Is The Difference Between Demons And Devils?
Question 16 What Power Do Demons Have?
Question 17 What Are The Limitations Of Demons?
Question 18 Do Demons Understand The Limitations Of Their Power?
Question 19 Are There Such Things As Territorial Spirits? (Daniel 10)
Question 20 Can Demons Materialize In Human Or Animal Form?
Question 21 What Are The Doctrines Of Demons?
Question 22 Is Demon Possession A Reality?
Question 23 Does The New Testament Give Specific Examples Of People Being Demon Possessed?
Question 24 What Conclusions Can Be Made About Demon Possession?
Question 25 What Happens When A Person Is Demon-Possessed?
Question 26 Can A Person Become Demon-Possessed Today?
Question 27 Can A Christian Be Demon-Possessed?
Question 28 Does The New Testament Equate Disease With Demon Possession?
Question 29 What Authority Do Christians Have Over Demons?
Question 30 What Are Some Practical Considerations In Dealing With Demonic Forces?
Question 31 What Is The Ultimate Fate Of Demons?

Topic 3: The Occult The Unseen Realm Of Darkness
Question 32 What Does The Bible Have To Say About Various Forms Of Occult Practices? (Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery)
Question 33 What Does The Bible Say About The Practice Of Divination?
Question 34 Can Forbidden Knowledge Actually Be Obtained By Occultic Practices?
Question 35 What Is The History Of Halloween?
Question 36 Where Did The Popular Traditions About Halloween Come From?
Question 37 What Should Christians Do At Halloween?

Appendix 1: Did The Lord Put A Lying Spirit In The Mouth Of The Prophets To Deceive King Ahab? (1 Kings 22:19-23)
Appendix 2: Why Did God Send An Evil Spirit To King Saul? (1 Samuel 16:14; 18:10; 19:9)
Appendix 3: Were The Sons Of God Who Married Earthly Women Fallen Angels? (Genesis 6)