The Resurrection of Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus, there is no Christianity, no hope for the believer, and no hope for our world. If the resurrection is true, then Jesus is everything that He claimed to be. However, if He did not come back from the dead as the Bible says He did, then the Christian faith is a farce and must be abandoned. In this book we will look at the events surrounding the resurrection, the evidence for the fact that Jesus came back from the dead, and certain theories that attempt to explain it away.

Part 1 :: The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?
Question 1 How Important Is The Resurrection To Christianity?
Question 2 Did Jesus Predict His Own Resurrection?
Question 3 What Precautions Were Taken To Keep The Tomb Of Jesus Secure?
Question 4 What Historical Facts Are Undisputed About Jesus And His Resurrection?
Question 5 To Whom Did Jesus Appear After His Resurrection?
Question 6 What Observations Can Be Made About Jesus’ Resurrection Appearances?
Question 7 What Do We Know About The Characters Of The Witnesses Who Testified Of The Risen Christ?
Question 8 What Is The Indirect Evidence That Jesus Came Back From The Dead?
Question 9 Who Brought Jesus Back From The Dead?
Question 10 What Is The Meaning Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ?
Question 11 What Objections Have Been Made To The Resurrection?
Question 12 Isn’t The Resurrection From The Dead A Scientific Impossibility?
Question 13 Doesn’t The Resurrection Story Contain Mythological Elements?
Question 14 Was The Real Story About Jesus Suppressed By Later Church Authorities?
Question 15 Did The Story About Jesus Became Embellished As It Was Told And Retold?
Question 16 Was The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection Borrowed From Other Ancient Accounts Of A Dying And Rising God? (The Mystery Religions)
Question 17 Was The Tomb Of Jesus Really Empty?
Question 18 Was The Body Of Jesus Stolen?
Question 19 Did Jesus Actually Die On The Cross?
Question 20 Did The Women Go To The Wrong Tomb On Easter Sunday?
Question 21 Did The Gardener Removed The Body Of Jesus? (The Lettuce Theory)
Question 22 Was There A Twin Brother Of Jesus Who Appeared?
Question 23 Was Someone Else Crucified Instead Of Jesus? (The Substitution Theory)
Question 24 Is It Possible There Was Some Sort Of Conspiracy To Pretend Jesus Had Risen?
Question 25 Did The Disciples Merely Have Hallucinations About Seeing the Risen Jesus?
Question 26 Did Jesus Actually Appear But Only In A Vision?
Question 27 Did Jesus Appeared To Believers Only Who Were Expecting A Resurrection?
Question 28 Are The Reports About Jesus’ Resurrection Hopelessly Contradictory?
Question 29 Can A Reasonable Scenario Of The Events Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection Be Proposed?
Question 30 Can We Really Know What Happened To Jesus And Does It Actually Matter What Occurred?
Question 31 Has The Tomb Of Jesus, And The Burial Box That Contains His Bones, Been Found In Jerusalem?
Question 32 Was Jesus Raised Bodily From The Dead?
Question 33 What Were The Differences Between Jesus’ Body Before And After His Resurrection?
Question 34 Haven’t People Apart From Jesus Come Back From The Dead?

Part 2 :: The Ascension Of Jesus And His Present Ministry As High Priest - How Jesus Left The Earth And What He Does Today
Question 35 How Did Jesus Leave The Earth? (The Ascension)
Question 36 What Is The Meaning Of The Ascension?
Question 37 What Is Jesus’ Ministry Today?
Question 38 How Is Jesus’ Priesthood Better Than That Of Earthly Priests?
Question 39 What Will Be The Ministry Of Jesus Christ In The Future?

One Final Question . . .
Question 40 What Objections Do People Have From Becoming A Christian?

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