Living in the Light of Eternity

Don Stewart

00:00:00 Introduction To The Afterlife
00:01:43 Explaining Our 5 Volume Series
00:03:06 Question 1 Why Are The Subjects Of Death, Dying, And The Afterlife Worth Studying?
00:23:13 Question 2 Where Did Death Come From? If God Created A Perfect World Why Is There Death And Dying?
00:40:31 Question 3 Are We Humans Made Up Of Both Body And Spirit Or Are We Merely A Body?
00:46:22 Question 4 According To The Bible What Is The Meaning Of Physical Death?
00:58:25 Question 5 What Different Terms Does The Bible Use To Describe Physical Death?
01:11:11 Question 6 Can The Spirit, Or Soul, Be Destroyed?
01:28:31 Question 7 In What Sense Do Human Beings Have Immortality?
01:39:43 Question 8 What Is Spiritual Death?
01:48:18 Question 9 What Is The Second Death Or Eternal Death?
01:53:41 Question 10 Did The Biblical Characters Bury Their Dead? If So, Then Why?
02:16:17 Question 11 Do We Find Examples Of Cremation In The Bible?
02:24:35 Question 12 Does The Bible Speak Of Embalming The Dead?
02:31:28 Question 13 Does The Bible Encourage Superstitious Practices About Death, Dying And Burial?
02:37:20 Question 14 Does The Bible Command Or Allow Worship Of Ancestors?
02:41:54 Question 15 What Hope Did The Old Testament Give For Those Who Had Died?
03:01:53 Question 16 What Hope Does The New Testament Give For The Dead?
03:18:54 Question 17 In What Sense Has Jesus Abolished Death?
03:28:43 Question 18 Who Has The Ultimate Power Over Death: God Or The Devil?
03:34:27 Introduction to Part 2 - Living In The Light Of Eternity
03:36:15 Question 19 Can Anyone Be Certain They Are Going To Heaven?
03:45:28 Question 20 How Do Non-Christians Face Death?
04:02:22 Question 21 Should Christians Be Afraid Of Dying?
04:18:11 Question 22 Are Life And Death Under God’s Control?
04:27:36 Question 23 Is There An Appointed Time Each Of Us Will Die?
04:35:59 Question 24 Can We Lengthen Or Shorten Our Life By Our Behavior?
04:46:24 Question 25 Burial Or Cremation? What Should The Christian Do?
05:06:18 Question 26 What Does Scripture Have To Say About Suicide?
05:22:02 Question 27 How Shall We View Samson Taking His Own Life? Did He Commit Suicide?
05:30:41 Question 28 Do Those Who Commit Suicide Automatically Go To Hell? (1 Corinthians 3:16,17) Is It The Unpardonable Sin?
05:44:22 Question 29 What Is The Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit? Why Is This The Unpardonable Sin?
06:06:53 Question 30 What Sin Will Keep People Out Of Heaven? How Does Someone Today Commit The Unpardonable Sin?
06:18:01 Question 31 How Should We Respond To The Death Of A Loved One Who Is A Believer?
06:32:19 Question 32 How Should We Respond To The Death Of A Loved One Who May Not Be A Believer?
06:38:52 Question 33 How Are We To Understand People Who Have Claimed To Have Visions Of Heaven Or Hell Right Before Their Death? (Deathbed Visions)
06:45:47 Question 34 How Are We To Understand Claims Of People Who Say They Have Died, Gone To Heaven Or Hell, And Then Returned? (Near Death Experiences)
07:08:59 Question 35 In The Light Of Eternity, How Should We Live A Life That Is Pleasing To God?

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