Angels: God's Invisible Messengers

Don Stewart    The Bible speaks of the existence of a vast number of spirit-beings called angels. There is much superstition and ignorance surrounding these created beings. In this book we will take a look at what the Scripture says about the angels who remained faithful to the Lord; the good angels. Who are they? What do they do? How do we know they really exist?

Question 1 Do Angels Actually Exist?
Question 2 Who Are Angels?
Question 3 What Do We Know About Angels From The Bible?
Question 4 What Do We Learn About Angels From The Everyday Speech Of People In Biblical Times?
Question 5 Why Should We Take The Time To Study About Angels?
Question 6 Why Are There So Many Misconceptions About Angels?
Question 7 When Were Angels Created?
Question 8 Were All The Angels Created Good?
Question 9 What Do Angels Look Like?
Question 10 Where Do Angels Live?
Question 11 Are Angels Organized In Ranks?
Question 12 What Is The Character Of Angels?
Question 13 What Are Some Of The Names Given To Angels?
Question 14 What Do Angels And Humans Have In Common?
Question 15 What Are The Differences Between Angels And Humans?
Question 16 What Are The Differences Between Jesus And The Angels?
Question 17 What Have Angels Done According To The Old Testament?
Question 18 What Did Angels Do In The Life And Ministry Of Christ?
Question 19 What Ministry Did The Angels Have In The Early Church?
Question 20 What Will Angels Do According To The Book Of Revelation?
Question 21 Who Is Michael The Archangel?
Question 22 Is It Possible To Identify Michael The Archangel With Jesus?
Question 23 Who Is The Angel Gabriel?
Question 24 Who Is The Angel Of The Lord In The Old Testament?
Question 25 Was The Angel Of The Lord In The Old Testament A Theophany? (A Temporary Appearance Of God)
Question 26 Was The Angel Of The Lord Merely A Mighty Angel Who Was God’s Special Representative?
Question 27 Who Is The Angel Of The LORD In The New Testament?
Question 28 Are Angels Connected With The Various Nations?
Question 29 Who Are The Living Creatures? (Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4)
Question 30 Who Are The Cherubim?
Question 31 Who Are The Seraphim?
Question 32 Who Are The Elect Angels?
Question 33 Why Are Angels Called “Winds” In Some Translations Of Hebrews 1:7 And “Spirits” In Other Translations?
Question 34 Does The Book Of Zechariah Speak About Female Angels?
Question 35 Should People Worship Angels?
Question 36 Should We Pray To Angels?
Question 37 Do Angels Appear To People Today?
Question 38 Do Believers Have A Guardian Angel?
Question 39 Does Each Church Have An Individual Angel Watching Over It?
Question 40 Do Angels Transport Believers At Death?
Question 41 In What Sense Will Believers Judge Angels?
Question 42 What Do The Books Written Between The Testaments Have To Say About Angels?
Question 43 What Observations And Conclusions Should We Make About Angels?
Appendix 1 How Has The Lord Used Angels To Announce Future Events As Well As Forewarning Of Judgment?
Appendix 2 Did The Son Of God Appear To Daniel As An Angel? (Daniel 10:1-6)
Appendix 3 Are The Twenty Four Elders In The Book Of Revelation Humans Or Heavenly Beings?
Appendix 4 Does Revelation 5:9-10, In Some Translations, Solve The Problem As To The Identity Of The Twenty-Four Elders?