Hell: The Final Destination for Unbelievers

Don Stewart    We now arrive at the last book in our series on the afterlife, the subject of hell. This last book in our series deals with the difficult topic of hell. We will answer such questions as: Is there really a place called hell? Who goes there? Why do people have to go to hell? And how can a person avoid going to hell? We will look at these, as well as other related questions about the final state of the wicked, as we wrap up our series on the afterlife.

Question 1 Why Would Anyone Want To Study The Subject Of Hell?
Question 2 Does The Old Testament Teach That The Wicked Will Be Punished In The Afterlife?
Question 3 What Did Those Who Lived Between The Testaments Believe About The Fate Of The Wicked?
Question 4 What Do The Four Gospels Say About The Destiny Of The Wicked?
Question 5 What Observations Should We Make About Jesus’ View Of The Destiny Of The Wicked?
Question 6 What Did The Apostle Paul Have To Say About The Destiny Of The Wicked?
Question 7 What Do The Book Of Hebrews, Second Peter, And Jude Tell Us About The Eternal Destiny Of The Wicked?
Question 8 What Does The Book Of Revelation Have To Say About The Fate Of The Wicked?
Question 9 After Looking At The Totality Of Scripture, What Do We Discover About The Final Place Of Punishment For The Wicked? (Hell, The Lake Of Fire)
Question 10 Where Is Hell Located? Is It In The Center Of The Earth?
Question 11 What Is Nature Of The Punishment Of The Wicked In Hell?
Question 12 What Is The Length Of Punishment In Hell? Is It Everlasting?
Question 13 What Terms Does The Bible Use To Describe Hell, Or Everlasting Punishment?
Question 14 What Is Tartarus?
Question 15 What Is Gehenna?
Question 16 What Is The Bottomless Pit? (The Abyss)
Question 17 What Is The Lake Of Fire?
Question 18 Who Will Be Sent To The Lake Of Fire?
Question 19 How Could A God Of Love Send People To An Eternal Hell?
Question 20 Why Should People Have To Suffer Eternally?
Question 21 What Are The Arguments For Understanding Hell Fire To Be Literal? (Literal View Of Hell)
Question 22 What Are The Arguments Against Understanding Hell Fire As Literal? (Metaphorical View Of Hell)
Question 23 Will There Be Degrees Of Punishment In Hell Or Will Everyone Be Punished The Same?
Question 24 Is God Present In Hell?

Part 2: Is There Really An Eternal Hell? Arguments And Responses To The Idea Of Eternal Suffering
Question 25 How Shall We Approach The Question Of The Ultimate Fate Of The Wicked?
Question 26 What Are The Various Conclusions People Have Reached Concerning The Final State Of Unbelievers?
Question 27 What Is The General Case Which Is Made For The Unbelieving Dead Becoming Non-existent, Destroyed Or Annihilated? (Annihilationism, Conditional Immortality, Conditionalism, Limited Suffering)
Question 28 Are All Humans Immortal Or Is Immortality Something Which God Gives Only To Believers? (Conditional Immortality)
Question 29 Since God Is Love, Does This Mean That He Would Never Send Anyone To An Eternal Hell?
Question 30 If Hell Is Eternal, Then Would Not Evil Always Exist In The Universe?
Question 31 Since The Bible Says That God Wants Nobody To Be Condemned Does It Logically Follow That An Eternal Hell Cannot Exist?
Question 32 How Can Anyone Justly Be Sent To An Eternal Hell If God Has Predetermined Their Fate?
Question 33 Does Jesus’ Story Of The Rich Man And Lazarus Give Evidence For The Ultimate Annihilation Of The Wicked?
Question 34 Does God’s Justice Demand That The Wicked Must Be Annihilated Someday? (The Proportionality Argument, The Punishment Must Fit The Crime)
Question 35 Do Biblical Descriptions Such As Fire, Death, And Separation Indicate Annihilation Rather Than Eternal Punishment?
Question 36 The Bible Says The Wicked Will Perish And Vanish Like Smoke (Psalm 37:20), Many Other Places In Scripture Say They Will Be Destroyed. Does This Not Clearly Teach The Eventual Annihilation Of The Unrighteous?
Question 37 Does 2 Peter 2:6 Teach That The Unrighteous Will Be Annihilated From The Example Of Sodom And Gomorrah?
Question 38 Is The Second Death Annihilation? (Revelation 20:14)
Question 39 Does The Fact That God Will Triumph Over Sin In The End Mean The Wicked Must Be Annihilated?
Question 40 Does Mark 9:42-48 Teach Eternal Suffering For The Wicked?
Question 41 Does 2 Thessalonians 1:5–9 Teach That The Wicked Will Be Destroyed Or Annihilated?
Question 42 Why Does Matthew 25:41-46 Teach, Beyond All Doubt, The Everlasting Punishment Of The Wicked?
Question 43 Why Does Revelation 14:9–12 Make The Doctrine Of Everlasting Punishment Of The Wicked Beyond Dispute?
Question 44 How Does Revelation 20:10–15 Help Settle The Matter As To The Eternal Destiny Of The Wicked?
Question 45 Will The Unbelieving Dead Become Non-Existent? Is Annihilationism A Biblical Concept?
Question 46 What Conclusions Can We Make About The Doctrine Of Annihilationism? (The Wicked Will One Day Cease To Exist)
Question 47 Will The Wicked Dead Ultimately Be Restored After Suffering For A Time In Hell? Will They Eventually Go To Heaven? (Universalism)
Question 48 What Observations And Conclusions Can We Make About The Subject Of Hell?
Appendix 1 What Did The Jewish Religious Leaders At The Time Of Jesus Believe About Eternal Punishment?
Appendix 2 What Did The Early Church Believe About Everlasting Punishment?
Appendix 3 Did Jesus Go To Hell For Three Days After He Died? (The Apostles Creed)
Appendix 4 Why Did Jesus Tell Mary Magdalene Not To Touch Him Because He Had Not Yet Ascended To The Father? (John 20:17) Is It Because He Had Descended Into Hell And Had Not Yet Been Back In His Father’s Presence?
Appendix 5 Do 1 Peter 3:18-20 And 1 Peter 4:6 Teach That The Gospel Was Preached To The Dead In Hades? Does This Mean The Dead Have A Chance To Believe And Escape Hell?

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