God Has Spoken to Us: Are We Listening?

On our own, finite, or limited, human beings cannot understand an infinite, or unlimited, God. In fact, we cannot know anything about God unless He has revealed it to us. Fortunately, the Bible says that God has revealed Himself to humanity through two different ways - general revelation and special revelation. General revelation, or natural revelation, is available to all people, everywhere, at all times. It is a constant, but silent witness to God’s existence and power. The universe itself is one grand testimony to God’s existence. The human conscience also gives evidence of the existence of God. Special revelation explains the God that general revelation reveals; the God of the Bible.

The living God is both able and willing to explain certain things about Himself in human words. Scripture is the only source of special revelation. It tells us how the universe came into being, where human beings came from, how sin entered into the world, the salvation God has provided, and how the present world will end. These truths can only be known through special revelation.

Both general revelation and special revelation are necessary for humanity to know anything about God—neither can make sense without the other.

In this book, we will look at how God has spoken to us through both general and special revelation. In addition, we will consider some of the most important truths which He has revealed to the human race.

Question 1 What Is The Doctrine Of Revelation?
Question 2 How Is The Term Revelation Used In Scripture?
Question 3 Does It Make Sense That God Would Reveal Himself To Humanity?
Question 4 What Is General Revelation? (Universal Revelation, Natural Revelation)
Question 5 How Has God Revealed Himself Through Nature?
Question 6 Do Modern Discoveries Come Under The Heading Of General Revelation?
Question 7 How Does The Human Conscience Reveal God?
Question 8 How Does Providence Testify To God’s Existence?
Question 9 How Has God’s Existence Become Known Through Unwritten Tradition?
Question 10 How Has God’s Dealings With The Nations Of The World Demonstrated His Existence?
Question 11 Does General Revelation Prove That The God Of The Bible Exists?
Question 12 Why Are The Truths Of General Revelation Inadequate To Know God?
Question 13 What Conclusions Can We Draw From General Revelation?
Question 14 What Is Special Revelation? (Particular Revelation, Supernatural Revelation)
Question 15 Are All Parts Of The Bible Special Revelation?
Question 16 What Does Special Revelation Do?
Question 17 In What Special Ways Has God Revealed Himself To Humanity?
Question 18 Does Scripture Record Everything That God Has Revealed To Humanity?
Question 19 Has God Personally Revealed Himself To People?
Question 20 What Is Propositional Revelation?
Question 21 What Is Progressive Revelation?
Question 22 What Conclusions Can We Make About Divine Revelation?
Question 23 Is It Possible For Humans To Know God Personally?
Question 24 Why Does The Bible Portray God Through Family And Personal Relationships? (Father, Mother, Husband, Groom, Friend)
Question 25 Why Does The Bible Depict God Through Various Occupations? (Artist, Teacher, Warrior, Shepherd)
Question 26 What Is The Significance Of God Being A Rescuer Or Deliverer Of His People?
Question 27 If God Is Concerned About Humanity Then Why Is He Compared To A Ruling King And A Judge?
Question 28 Did God Create Humanity Because He Needed Our Love?
Question 29 Why Did God Create Humanity If He Knew There Would Be So Much Pain?
Question 30 Is It Necessary For Unbelievers To Know God?
Question 31 Can A Person Please God By Being Good?
Question 32 Does A Person Have To Approach God By Faith?
Question 33 Does It Matter What We Believe About God?
Question 34 Can God Forgive Anybody?
Question 35 What Keeps People From Believing In God?
Question 36 Why Does God Allow People To Suffer?
Question 37 Can Suffering Have Positive Benefits?
Question 38 How Can A Person Live With Suffering?
Question 39 How Can Someone Find God’s Best For Their Life?

More From God

Does the God of the Bible Exist?
Don Stewart    Within the pages of the Bible are the claims that God has spoken to humanity. Over three thousand times in the Old Testament alone there are phrases such as “God spoke” . . . “And the Lord said” . . . “The word of the Lord came unto” The men who wrote the books of the Old and New Testament believed that God exists and that He clearly revealed Himself to the world. The Bible is a record of that revelation. But the claim that God exists does not, in and of itself, make it true. How do we know that God exists? Couldn’t the idea of God be some wish-fulfillment on our part? Maybe God is only a mental projection; something which merely exists in our minds. If there is a God, as the Bible affirms, then how does a person know that this God is the same one that the Bible reveals?
The Trinity: One God In Three Persons
Don Stewart    The Bible says that only one God exists; there are no others. The one God is infinite, eternal, all-knowing, and all-powerful. He is a personal, living, Spirit. There is something else; this one God consists of three distinct eternal Persons, or centers of consciousness. They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The fact that one God exists in three Persons is known as the doctrine of the Trinity. This difficult doctrine needs to be understood as best as possible.
What Everyone Needs to Know About God
Don Stewart    What is the God of the Bible like? What are His characteristics? What can we know about Him? The Bible describes the attributes, or characteristics, of God—the only God who exists. It alone tells us what the one, true God is like.
Does God Know Everything?
Don Stewart    One of the main questions about God concerns what He knows. Historically, the church has held that God is omniscient or all-knowing. In other words, He has all knowledge. He knows everything which has happened in the past, He knows everything which is now going on in the present and He also knows everything which will occur in the future. Not only does He know everything that will happen, He also knows everything that could possibly happen. His knowledge is without limit. This has been the traditional understanding of Scripture on this subject.
Understanding Islam
Don Stewart    Do Muslims Believe In The Same God As Christians? Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Only Christianity has more individuals claiming to be believers. However, to many people, Islam is a mystery. Few Christians really understand much about how the religion began, who Muhammad “the prophet” was, what claims are made about him, and what Muslims believe about their God, Allah.