Does the God of the Bible Exist?

Don Stewart    Within the pages of the Bible are the claims that God has spoken to humanity. Over three thousand times in the Old Testament alone there are phrases such as “God spoke” . . . “And the Lord said” . . . “The word of the Lord came unto” The men who wrote the books of the Old and New Testament believed that God exists and that He clearly revealed Himself to the world. The Bible is a record of that revelation. But the claim that God exists does not, in and of itself, make it true. How do we know that God exists? Couldn’t the idea of God be some wish-fulfillment on our part? Maybe God is only a mental projection; something which merely exists in our minds. If there is a God, as the Bible affirms, then how does a person know that this God is the same one that the Bible reveals?

How does the Christian know that their God exists? What reasons are there to believe in the God of the Bible? This book will answer questions concerning the evidence for God’s existence.

Question 1 Who Exactly Is The God Of The Bible?
Question 2 Does The Bible Attempt To Prove That The God Of Scripture Actually Exists?
Question 3 Why Should We Give Arguments For The Existence Of God If The Bible Does Not Give Any? Why Should We Do Something The Bible Does Not Do?
Question 4 What Is The Cosmological Argument For God’s Existence? (The Argument From Contingency Or First Cause)
Question 5 What Is The Teleological Argument For God’s Existence? (The Argument From Design)
Question 6 What Is The Anthropological Argument For God’s Existence? (The Argument From The Need To Worship Something)
Question 7 What Is The Moral Argument For God’s Existence? (Moral Standards Are Found Everywhere)
Question 8 What Is The Biological Argument For God’s Existence? (The Argument From Life Itself)
Question 9 What Is The Ontological Argument For God’s Existence? (The Argument From Being)
Question 10 What Should We Conclude About The Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence? Are They Convincing?
Question 11 Why Do Some Believers Think The Traditional Arguments For God’s Existence Should Not Be Given?
Question 12 What Does Nature Tell Us About The Existence Of The God Of Scripture? (Natural Theology)
Question 13 How Do We Know That The God Of The Bible Is The God Who Exists?
Question 14 How Does The Unique Makeup Of The Bible Give Evidence For The Existence Of The God Of Scripture?
Question 15 In What Sense Does Predictive Prophecy Show That The God Of The Bible Exists?
Question 16 How Does The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Give Evidence For God’s Existence?
Question 17 How Does The Testimony Of Changed Lives Give Evidence For The Existence Of The God Of Scripture?
Question 18 What Should Our Conclusion Be Regarding All Of The Arguments Which Are Given For God’s Existence?
Question 19 Haven’t The Discoveries Made By Modern Science Disproved The Existence Of The God Of The Bible?
Question 20 Can An Intelligent Person In The 21st Century Really Believe In The God Of The Bible?
Question 21 Is The God Of The Bible A Real Living Being Or Merely A Concept Or Idea?
Question 22 Who Created The God Of Scripture, Where Did He Come From?
Question 23 If God Of The Bible Exists, Then Why Is He Silent?
Question 24 Would Everyone Believe In The God Of Scripture If He Only Showed Himself To The World?
Question 25 Why Should We Expect The God Of The Bible To Reveal Himself To Humanity?
Question 26 How Has The God Of Scripture Revealed Himself To Humanity?
Question 27 Why Doesn’t Everyone See That The God Of The Bible Really Exists?

Part 2: When The God Of The Bible Is Rejected - What Non-Christians Believe About God
Question 28 Does Any One Religion Have The Answer About God? (Religious Pluralism)
Question 29 Don’t All Religions Ultimately Teach The Same Thing?
Question 30 In What Sense Is Christianity Unique Among The World’s Religions?
Question 31 Can A Person Experience The True God Through Religions Other Than Christianity? (Christian Exclusivism)
Question 32 What Is Monotheistic Religion? (The Belief In One God)
Question 33 Can A Person Reach The True God Through Judaism?
Question 34 What Is Dualism?
Question 35 What Is Animism?
Question 36 What Is Polytheism? (The Worship Of Many gods)
Question 37 What Is Henotheism? (The Belief In Many gods But The Worship Of Only One Of Them)
Question 38 If The God Of The Bible The Only One Who Exists, Then Why Does Scripture Speak Of Other gods?
Question 39 Is Everything That Exists Part Of God? (Pantheism)
Question 40 Is God Subject To Change (Panentheism, Process Theology)
Question 41 Could God Have Created The World And Then Backed Off? (Deism)
Question 42 How Is God Viewed In The New Age Movement?
Question 43 What Is Atheism?
Question 44 If Atheists Actually Cannot Claim That God Does Not Exist Then How Can They Argue Their Position?
Question 45 What Is Agnosticism?

More From God

God Has Spoken to Us: Are We Listening?
On our own, finite, or limited, human beings cannot understand an infinite, or unlimited, God. In fact, we cannot know anything about God unless He has revealed it to us. Fortunately, the Bible says that God has revealed Himself to humanity through two different ways - general revelation and special revelation. General revelation, or natural revelation, is available to all people, everywhere, at all times. It is a constant, but silent witness to God’s existence and power. The universe itself is one grand testimony to God’s existence. The human conscience also gives evidence of the existence of God. Special revelation explains the God that general revelation reveals; the God of the Bible.
The Trinity: One God In Three Persons
Don Stewart    The Bible says that only one God exists; there are no others. The one God is infinite, eternal, all-knowing, and all-powerful. He is a personal, living, Spirit. There is something else; this one God consists of three distinct eternal Persons, or centers of consciousness. They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The fact that one God exists in three Persons is known as the doctrine of the Trinity. This difficult doctrine needs to be understood as best as possible.
What Everyone Needs to Know About God
Don Stewart    What is the God of the Bible like? What are His characteristics? What can we know about Him? The Bible describes the attributes, or characteristics, of God—the only God who exists. It alone tells us what the one, true God is like.
Does God Know Everything?
Don Stewart    One of the main questions about God concerns what He knows. Historically, the church has held that God is omniscient or all-knowing. In other words, He has all knowledge. He knows everything which has happened in the past, He knows everything which is now going on in the present and He also knows everything which will occur in the future. Not only does He know everything that will happen, He also knows everything that could possibly happen. His knowledge is without limit. This has been the traditional understanding of Scripture on this subject.
Understanding Islam
Don Stewart    Do Muslims Believe In The Same God As Christians? Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Only Christianity has more individuals claiming to be believers. However, to many people, Islam is a mystery. Few Christians really understand much about how the religion began, who Muhammad “the prophet” was, what claims are made about him, and what Muslims believe about their God, Allah.