The Sons of God, the Flood, the Tower of Babel (Genesis 4-11)

Don Stewart    Previously, in our first three books of this series, we have looked at the subjects of creation/evolution, responded to certain difficulties in the area of science and the Bible, and have examined the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis. We now move on to events after the Fall of humanity through the events of the Flood and the Tower of Babel. These early years of the earth were in preparation for the main story of Scripture—God and His relationship to the descendants of Abraham. Many questions arise from the accounts in these chapters—both scientific as well as historical. Therefore, it is important that we examine these chapters carefully to discover what the Lord desires to teach us.

From The Fall To The Flood (Genesis 4-6) Cain And Abel, The Sons Of God
Question 1 What Did Eve Mean, “I Have Gotten A Man From The Lord?”
Question 2 Were Cain and Abel Twins?
Question 3 Why Did God Reject Cain’s Sacrifice?
Question 4 What Was The Mark Of Cain?
Question 5 Why Wasn’t Cain Put To Death For Killing His Brother?
Question 6 Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
Question 7 Why Didn’t God Condemn Lamech’s Polygamy?
Question 8 What Does It Mean “People Began To Call Upon The Name Of The Lord?”
Question 9 Did The Ancients Live As Long As The Bible Said They Did?
Question 10 Why Did The People Live So Long Before The Flood?
Question 11 Why Didn’t Enoch Die?
Question 12 Who Were The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Men?
Question 13 Were The Sons Of God Fallen Angels?
Question 14 Were The Sons Of God The Godly Line Of Seth?
Question 15 Were The Sons Of God Ancient Rulers Who Claimed To Be Divine?
Question 16 Were The Sons Of God Demon-Possessed Men?
Question 17 Were The Sons Of God Simply Men?
Question 18 What Should We Conclude About The Identity Of The Sons Of God And The Daughters Of Men?
Question 19 What Did The Lord Mean “My Spirit Will Not Strive With Humanity Forever?”
Question 20 Does Genesis 6:3 Contradict Psalm 90 With Respect To How Long Humans Will Live?
Question 21 Was God Unsatisfied With His Original Creation?
Question 22 Did God Change His Mind?
Question 23 In What Sense Was Noah Perfect?

The Genesis Flood And Its Aftermath (Genesis 7-11) What Were The Reasons God Sent The Flood?
Question 24 Is The Biblical Flood Account Merely A Legend?
Question 25 Did The Biblical Flood Account Borrow From Other Ancient Accounts Such As The Babylonian Epic Of Gilgamesh?
Question 26 Could The Ancients Have Constructed A Vessel As Large As The Ark?
Question 27 What Were The Reasons For The Flood?
Question 28 How Many Of Each Animal Entered The Ark?
Question 39 What Was The Duration Of The Flood?
Question 30 In What Sense Did God Remember Noah?
Question 31 Did The Occurrence Of Famines Contradict God’s Promise About Seedtime And Harvest?
Question 32 Do Future Divine Judgments Contradict God’s Promise That He Would Never Again Judge The Earth?
Question 33 Did All Of Humanity Descend From Noah’s Three Sons?
Question 34 Did It Rain Before The Flood?
Question 35 Were There Rainbows Before The Flood?
Question 36 Was The World Different After The Flood?
Question 37 What Was The Covenant God Made With Noah?
Question 38 Was Noah Responsible For His Drunkenness?
Question 39 Why Was Canaan Cursed Instead Of Ham?
Question 40 What Was The Curse Of Canaan?
Question 41 Does The Bible Endorse Capital Punishment?
Question 42 How Could Genesis 10 Speak Of Many Languages When Genesis 11 Says There Was Only One?
Question 43 Does Genesis 10:25 Speak of the Earth Splitting into Continents in The Days of Peleg? (Continental Drift)
Question 44 Why Was The Tower Of Babel Built?
Question 45 How Did God Scatter The People At Babel?
Question 46 Where Is The Site Of The Tower Of Babel?
Question 47 Where Was Abraham From: Ur Or Haran?

Appendix The Extent Of The Flood of Noah
Question 48 What Are The Various Ways Christians Understand The Flood In Noah’s Day? (What Was Its Extent)
Question 49 Was The Flood In Noah’s Day Localized To One Geographic Area? (Local Flood)
Question 50 Did The Flood Cover The Entire Earth? (Universal Flood)
Question 51 What Conclusions Should We Make About The Genesis Flood?

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