Humanity, Sin, & Salvation

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Human Beings: Who We Are According to the Bible
Don Stewart    In this book we will look at ourselves – the human race. Who are we human beings? Where did we come from? Is there any meaning for our existence? Does the Bible say that we here as a result of blind chance or have we been created by God? What’s the answer? There are other questions which need to be addressed. Is there an immaterial part of us as well as a material part or are we just made up of a body? If we are more than just a body, are we composed of body, soul and spirit or something else? These all-important issues will be dealt with as we look at the identity of humankind according to the words of Scripture.
God's Plan
Don Stewart    The evidence from all sources shows that the God of the Bible exists. It is for everyone to see; no one has any excuse for rejecting His existence. Moreover, He is the only God who exists. There is no God either greater or lesser than He. This being the case, it is important that we have some sort of understanding about His plan and purpose for the universe. What has He planned? How does His plan work? In this book, we will examine the subject of God’s plan for the universe. The Bible says that God has decreed or ordered certain things to happen. However, there is a difference of opinion among Bible-believers as to when God has made these decrees as well as the nature of the decrees. It is of vital importance that we come to an understanding of what Bible says about them.