The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

Don Stewart    Part 1: The World Into Which Jesus Came - What The World Was Like In The First Century A.D.? Part 2: The Life And Ministry Of Jesus. Part 3: The Betrayal, Trial, And Death Of Jesus -- The Last Days Of Christ

Part 1 :: The World Into Which Jesus Came - What The World Was Like In The First Century A.D.?
Question 1 What Was The World Like In The First Century AD?
Question 2 What Were The Different Political Divisions Of The Holy Land When Jesus Came Into The World?
Question 3 What Language Or Languages Did Jesus Speak?
Question 4 Who Were The Caesars Mentioned In The Four Gospels?
Question 5 Who Was Pontius Pilate?
Question 6 Who Were The Herods?
Question 7 What Was The Sanhedrin?
Question 8 Who Were The High Priest’s Annas And Caiaphas?
Question 9 Who Were The Scribes? (The Teachers Of The Law)
Question 10 Who Were The Pharisees?
Question 11 Who Were The Sadducees?
Question 12 Who Were The Herodians?
Question 13 Who Were The Samaritans?
Question 14 Who Were The Essenes?
Question 15 Who Was John The Baptist?
Question 16 What Do We Know About The Twelve Disciples?
Question 17 Who Was Mary Magdalene?
Question 18 What Was Golgotha? (Mount Calvary)

Part 2 :: The Life And Ministry Of Jesus Christ - The Greatest Story Ever Told
Question 19 Why Did God The Son, Jesus Christ, Become A Human Being? (The Incarnation)
Question 20 Why Did Jesus Come At That Particular Time In History?
Question 21 If Jesus Was Without Sin, Then Why Was He Baptized?
Question 22 Did Jesus Fulfill The Prophecies About The Messiah?
Question 23 Did Jesus Come To Bring Peace On Earth?
Question 24 Did Jesus Get Involved In The Contemporary Politics In Israel?
Question 25 What Was Jesus’ Relationship With The Law Of Moses?
Question 26 Why Was Jesus Called Lord?
Question 27 What Was The Significance Of The Transfiguration Of Jesus?
Question 28 Did Jesus Perform Miracles?
Question 29 What Was The Purpose Of Jesus’ Miracles?
Question 30 Why Should Anyone Believe In The Miracles Of Jesus?
Question 31 What Objections Have Been Made To Jesus Miracles?
Question 32 Why Did Jesus Speak In Parables?
Question 33 Did Jesus Know The People Would Reject Him?
Question 34 Was Jesus A Prophet?
Question 35 In What Ways Did Jesus Fulfill The Prophetic Ministry?
Question 36 Did Jesus Make Predictions That Have Come True During His Lifetime?
Question 37 Did Jesus Make Predictions That Have Come True After His Lifetime?

Part 3 :: The Betrayal, Trial, And Death Of Jesus - The Last Days Of Christ
Question 38 What Was The Chronology Of The Events Surrounding The Death Of Christ?
Question 39 Why Was Jesus Betrayed By Judas Iscariot?
Question 40 Why Did The Religious Leaders Want To Kill Jesus?
Question 41 Was The Death Of Jesus Planned Ahead Of Time?
Question 42 Did Jesus Receive A Fair Trial?
Question 43 Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross?
Question 44 Why Was Jesus Crucified Rather Than Being Stoned To Death?
Question 45 What Is The Significance Of The Words Jesus Spoke While On The Cross?
Question 46 What Was Responsible For The Death Of Jesus?

Appendix 1: What Day Of The Week Was Jesus Crucified: Wednesday, Thursday, Or Friday?

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Don Stewart    This book looks at the question of the existence of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus exist? Was He a genuine historical figure? What records do we have that testify to His existence? Why should we trust what they say? What historical facts can we know for certain about the life and ministry of Jesus?
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Don Stewart    In this book, we will examine the identity of Jesus Christ. As the most important figure in history, it is crucial that we have a correct understanding of His identity. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is God the Son—Second Person of the Holy Trinity. He has eternally existed with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.
The Resurrection of Christ
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus, there is no Christianity, no hope for the believer, and no hope for our world. If the resurrection is true, then Jesus is everything that He claimed to be. However, if He did not come back from the dead as the Bible says He did, then the Christian faith is a farce and must be abandoned. In this book we will look at the events surrounding the resurrection, the evidence for the fact that Jesus came back from the dead, and certain theories that attempt to explain it away.
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In this book, we will consider some of the views about Jesus and His ministry that are contrary to the teaching of the New Testament. It is important that we are familiar with these particular perspectives. While not all of them have been taken seriously by scholars, they have some received popularity in the general public and consequently, must be addressed.
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