God's Design or Blind Chance? Biblical Creationism or Atheistic Evolution?

Don Stewart    This is the first volume in our five-book series “The Bible and Science: Are They in Conflict?” In this book we look at the issue of our origins: Are we here by blind chance or by God’s design? In other words, biblical creationism or atheistic evolution? Also, we look at the important question, “Where do we go to find answers about our origins?”

Part 1: Why We Go To The Bible To Find Ultimate Answers
Question 1 What Is General Revelation?
Question 2 What Is Special Revelation?
Question 3 Does God Expect Us To Interpret The Biblical Account Of Our Origins in a Literal Manner?

Part 2: The Biblical Doctrine Of Creation
Question 4 Where Did The Universe Come From?
Question 5 Is Everything Here By Blind Chance or God’s Intelligent Design?
Question 6 Was The Universe Created By The God Of The Bible?
Question 7 What Is The Biblical Account Of Special Creation? (Fiat Creationism)
Question 8 Did God Create The Universe Out Of No Preexisting Materials? (Creation Ex Nihilo)
Question 9 What Did God Specifically Created?
Question 10 Why Did God Create The Universe?
Question 11 Did God Create Other Inhabited Worlds Apart From Our Own?
Question 12 What False Teachings Are Refuted By The Biblical Account Of Creation? (Atheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Deism)
Question 13 What Is Eternal Creationism?
Question 14 What Is The Gnostic View Of Creation?
Question 15 Were Each Of The Members Of The Trinity Involved In Creation?
Question 16 What Is Presently Preserving The Universe?
Question 17 How Is God Preserving The Universe?
Question 18 How Involved Is God In Running The Universe?
Question 19 What Does The Bible Have To Say About Future Creation?
Question 20 What Are Some of the Challenges That Have Been Made To The Genesis Account of Creation?

Part 3: The Theory Of Atheistic Evolution
Question 21 What Is The Theory Of Evolution?
Question 22 What Is Macroevolution? What Is Microevolution?
Question 23 Does First Timothy 6:20 Refer To The Theory Of Evolution? (Science Falsely So Called)
Question 24 What Is The Big Bang Theory? Is It Compatible With The Bible?
Question 25 What Did After Its Kind Mean? Does The Bible Teach The Fixity Of The Species?
Question 26 Can Biblical Creationism Or The Theory Of Evolution Be Proven Scientifically?
Question 27 What Is Theistic Evolution?
Question 28 Can Theistic Evolution Solve The Controversy Between Creation And Evolution?
Question 29 Why Do Some Christians Believe In Evolution?
Question 30 Did Charles Darwin Change His Mind About Evolution On His Deathbed? (The Lady Hope Story)
Question 31 Is It Enough To Believe In An Intelligent Designer Or Creator? (ID Intelligent Design)
Question 32 Why It Matters! What Are The Consequences of Accepting Atheistic Evolution?

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