The Trinity: One God In Three Persons

Don Stewart    The Bible says that only one God exists; there are no others. The one God is infinite, eternal, all-knowing, and all-powerful. He is a personal, living, Spirit. There is something else; this one God consists of three distinct eternal Persons, or centers of consciousness. They are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The fact that one God exists in three Persons is known as the doctrine of the Trinity. This difficult doctrine needs to be understood as best as possible.

In this book, we will look extensively at what the Bible says regarding God’s triune nature. We will find that each distinct Person in the Trinity has attributes, or characteristics, that belong to God alone. In addition, each member of the Trinity does things only God can do.

We will also look at how the different members of the Trinity work together in the various ministries that God performs. Each has a particular function within the Godhead. It is important that we understand the role of each member of the Trinity.

In addition, we will find that the doctrine of the Trinity is foundational to the Christian faith. Without the Trinity, there is no salvation for humanity, no forgiveness of sins, and no guidance for believers today. Consequently, the doctrine of the Trinity is essential to Christianity. It is indeed one of the most important doctrines that a Christian can study.

Question 1 How Can There Be One God In Three Persons? (The Doctrine Of The Trinity)
Question 2 In What Ways Is The Doctrine Of The Trinity Important For Christian Belief?
Question 3 How Can Understanding The Doctrine Of The Trinity Affect The Way We Live The Christian Life?
Question 4 What Are Some Common Misconceptions That People Have About The Doctrine Of The Trinity?
Question 5 Does The Bible Teach That Only One God Exists?
Question 6 In What Sense Is The God Of Scripture A Unity?
Question 7 What Does The Bible Teach About God The Father? (Paterology)
Question 8 Does The Bible Teach That God The Father Is A Distinct Person From God The Son, Jesus Christ?
Question 9 Does Scripture Teach That The Holy Spirit A Distinct Person From God The Father?
Question 10 Is God The Son, Jesus Christ A Distinct Person From The Holy Spirit?
Question 11 Are The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit All Addressed As God?
Question 12 Are Divine Attributes, Or Characteristics Ascribed To Each Member Of The Trinity?
Question 13 Are Divine Works Attributed To Each Member Of The Trinity?
Question 14 Do We Find The Doctrine Of The Trinity In The Old Testament?
Question 15 Does The New Testament Mention The Three Distinct Members Of The Trinity?
Question 16 Does 1 John 5:7 Teach The Doctrine Of The Trinity?
Question 17 How Do The Different Members Of The Trinity Work With Each Other? (Economic Trinity)
Question 18 Have The Different Members Of The Trinity Had The Same Function For All Eternity? (Was Jesus Always The Son)
Question 19 How Can We Categorize False Views About The Trinity?
Question 20 Do Christians Believe In Three Different Gods? (Tritheism)
Question 21 Does The One God Have Three Different Modes? (Modalism, Sabellianism)
Question 22 Is Jesus Lesser In Nature Than God The Father (Arianism)
Question 23 Has The Son Eternally Been Inferior To God The Father? (Subordinationism)
Question 24 Did Jesus Become Exalted By God At His Baptism? (Adoptionism)
Question 25 Is The Holy Spirit Merely Another Name For Jesus (Binitarianism)
Question 26 Is God An Absolute Unity? (Unitarianism)
Question 27 Do We Have To Describe The Trinity In Masculine Terms? (Father, Son, And Holy Spirit)
Question 28 Why Do Some People Argue There Are Two Trinities?
Question 29 Does It Matter Whether The Holy Spirit Proceeded From The Father Rather Than The Son? (Filioque Controversy)
Question 30 Does It Really Matter If A Person Believes In The Trinity?

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