The Case for Christianity

Don Stewart    Is the Christian faith true? Is it based upon fact, or upon blind faith? In this book we present an extensive “case for Christianity.” We look at such things as the trustworthiness of the New Testament, its historical accuracy and the claims it makes about Jesus. Next we look at our options about the Person of Jesus Christ, concluding that He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. From there, we provide the evidence that He is the One whom He claimed to be. This includes miracles, fulfilled prophecy, and His resurrection from the dead. Finally, we look at the way Jesus viewed the Old Testament as well as the soon to be written New Testament. The verdict will be clear: the case for Christianity is proved beyond a “reasonable doubt.”

Introduction To The Case For Christianity
Chapter 1: Apologetics: The Defense Of The Christian Faith
Chapter 2: Setting The Record Straight: What Christianity Is And What It Is Not
Chapter 3: Introducing The Case For Christianity The Christian Faith Is Sensible
Chapter 4: The Reliability Of The New Testament Text It Has Not Been Changed Throughout Time
- Part 1: Establishing The Text Of The New Testament. How We Know The Text Is Accurate
- Part 2: The Variant Readings In The Text. Why Do The Manuscripts Read Differently?
Chapter 5: The Historical Accuracy Of The New Testament It Matches Up With Known Facts
Chapter 6: The Main Character Of The New Testament: Jesus Christ: The Claims Made About Him
Chapter 7: The Claims Of Christ Considered: A Look At The Options
Chapter 8: The Miracles Of Jesus: He Demonstrated Authority In Every Realm
- Part 1: What Are Miracles? Understanding Biblical Miracles
- Part 2: The Evidence For Jesus’ Miracles - The New Testament Testimony To The Miracles Of Christ
- Part 3: Objections To The Miracles Of Jesus - Answering Common Objections To His Miracles
Chapter 9: Predictive Prophecy: Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy And Made Predictions That Have Come True
- Part 1: Introduction To Bible Prophecy: Only God Knows The Future
- Part 2: Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus: Some Predictions Fulfilled At His First Coming
- Part 3: Prophecies Jesus Made That Have Been Fulfilled: A Look At Jesus The Prophet
Chapter 10: The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ: He Is The Only One Who Has Conquered Death
- Part 1: The Importance Of The Resurrection: What Is Means To The Christian Faith
- Part 2: The Case For The Resurrection: Weighing The Evidence
- Part 3: The Indirect Evidence For The Resurrection: Circumstantial Evidence That Jesus Has Risen
- Part 4: Objections To The Resurrection: Some Common Objections Answered
- Part 5: The Meaning Of The Resurrection: So What If He Did Rise?
Chapter 11: Jesus’ View Of The Old Testament He Totally Trusted It
Chapter 12: Jesus’ View Of His Own Teachings: They Were Absolutely Authoritative
Chapter 13: Jesus’ View Of The New Testament: He Confirmed It Ahead Of Time
Chapter 14: Summary And Conclusion: The Christian Faith Is True

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